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I am so sorry for your loss and the fact it happened so suddenly and I can understand how heartbroken you are.

I lost my darling Monty 5 weeks ago a beautiful boy who even now writing this to you makes me tearful...he was a Maine Coon cat but to us so much more.

I came on here as I had never felt such grief and I did not even feel as much grief for close relatives as I have for losing Monty.

Your precious dog would have seen you through the good and bad times...given you endless love and be devoted to you like no other.

I lost my appetite and I did not even wanted to get up in the mornings as he was not there...and I would howl like a baby shouting ''I want you back'' please don't leave me...I wanted it to be a bad dream and to wake up and my boy would be there...but he was not.

Five weeks on I still get days when it hits me like a ton of bricks and I get very tearful...but I can now sit and remember the funny times and loving times we shared together.

Keep looking at the photos you shared and videos you have and when I got Monty's ashes back I felt his was home...where he belonged with me again.

I hear little noises that Monty made and I get a comfort from that...Monty will always be in my heart and so will your darling baby be in your heart and will never leave you.

Come on here as much as you like and there is always someone to listen to you they will never tire of you...we are all grieving our babies and love to share our feelings.  

What a beautiful dog.

Take care and remember we are here for you

Ellen x
Ellen Hague
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14 years is a long time for a best friend, it still doesn’t seem long enough though. I’m sorry you are going through this as well. Daisy was my dog, although my husband and family loved her, she was mine. Sometimes I feel like they do not understand. I’m starting to sleep a little better but for some reason I feel scared at night? I’m here if you want to talk more.

jjkjr1967 wrote:
im having the same issues everyone hugs....lost my diva of 14 years last thursday was sudden no warning awaiting her paw print and ashes so lost can barely eat and sleep its terrible nobody in my real life seems to care or wanna talk about it so i had to find online support hugs 

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You are so sweet!!!  I just wanted to tell you that. And Monty is a great name! You sure got the Love Affair part right. I feel that way about my girl Typsy.  I just picked up her ashes yesterday. Cried the whole way there and back on my moped. I was sick to my stomach AGAIN since she passed on Friday. 
No one told me about this part when I got her as a kitten 15 years ago. Lol....as  I cry!

DaisyT- Sending you hugs! So sorry for your loss.  My Typsy Cat was my shadow too. Watched me on the toilet EVERY day. LOL
 I really think she had FOMO (Fear of missing out) which always cracked me up because A) I'm not THAT interesting and B) Her and I live in a studio. Losing it as I scroll thru my phone and randmom pics of her come up....always staring at me! 

Gina Richards
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