Yesterday morning our sweet, lively, healthy 3 year old dog came into contact with a cane toad. She grabbed it and it poisoned her and she was dead in 15 minutes. It was traumatizing to watch her seize and she died in my boyfriend’s arms on the way to the ER vet. They tried CPR but she was gone.

I’m struggling tremendously. I feel it comes in bursts, I’ll be fine then I’ll be crying hard. We have two other dogs and I feel awful for them but it’s just so hard to cope right now. I’ve never lost a person or a pet (other than a hamster and fish as a child) so i dont know how to deal with my grief. I don’t think my friends understand. 

So I came here for some support and people who understand what we are going through. It’s like living a nightmare 


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Im so sorry to hear that. I understand exactly how you feel. Ive lost my bichon for almost two weeks now and im still crying everyday, he’s my first dog. My heart is broken . I had him for 13 years.I know you love her so much and she knows that. Its easy to say but you still have 2 of your fur babies  that needs your love and will love you unconditionally. You are not alone, a lot of people in this forum cares how you feel because we’re all in this situations. Take care.

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I'm sorry to hear that. I lost my beloved Pekignese Pepper about 15 years ago. He got out of the gate and got hit by a car. I found him on the road.  Very painful he was only 8 yrs. About a year later my Kiki showed up in my backyard. I took her back to where she came from but she would dig out the gate and get out. Her owner said he couldn't keep her and I took her after all of the pain I went through with losing Pepper. I had her for 14 years and had to euthanize her last November 2019.  No matter what the cause the pain is unbearable.  
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I am so sorry for your loss. Sometimes there are just no answers why, it just happens. I lost my Fancy to evans syndrome. She was fine one day and then gone the next. It will get better with time. It has been a month but I every morning I cry as I just miss her so much. You were a great mom to her and remember the good times with your baby as those outweigh the bad.
In my prayers
alan farlowe
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