My rabbit of almost 11 years passed away today. Thumper was the most caring and kind-hearted rabbit ever. (Even if he accidentally bit my dad's balls once) I got Thumper at the tender age of 8 when he was only 4 weeks old, now I'm 18 and am heading off for university in a month. It was almost like he knew I was leaving and wanted to say goodbye when I was still at home. I want to cremate him and send him off into the ocean so he can have all the space in the world to run and jump around in the afterlife.

Thumper, you were the best damn rabbit anyone could ever have. I'll miss you, buddy.
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I am very sorry for your loss of your sweet Thumper. You and Thumper grew up together and he was with you most of your life. So I am sure it is very hard to lose the best damn rabbit. But I'm also sure Thumper had a wonderful life with you, full of love and fun.

My condolences,
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