11 years ago today, a Jack Russell cross called Buster came through our doors and changed our lives forever. He was 6 when we rescued him: his previous family were made homeless and couldn't take Buster on their journey. We had a snug home and lots of love to give, and were glad to have his company.

Since that day, Buster has been my best pal in the world. He's intelligent, oozes cheek, fun and, above all, is a caring, loving dog. I could never imagine my life without him and his antics. He loves kisses and cuddles, walks and playing and looking over us. He truly is the best wee pal anyone could hope for.

Unfortunately, my worse fears came true as Buster crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Friday, just a couple of days short of his 17th "birthday". He had been suffering from arthritis, and despite medication, the pain was just too much. It had been affecting his behaviour, and the onset of dementia was a possibility. We had to take the heartbreaking decision to help him on his journey.

I am glad that he is no longer in pain, but extremely sore that he is no longer with us. I wish I could take him out for a walk again, play with him in the garden and give him his favourite treats once more. I wish I could look into his loving, trusting eyes, hug him, kiss him and tell him he's my good boy one more time.

My heart is broken. I feel that I will never be happy again.

I'm not looking for sympathy or for anyone to tell me it'll be alright. I just needed to say this. I stumbled across this page when looking at ways to cope, and I think it's a great place, and a beautiful thing for anyone to put together to help people in pain at the loss of their furry friends. But I'm not hear to mope. 

I just wanted to write my feelings down, and put it into the universe in the hope that Buster will somehow get my message: I love you pal. I've always loved you and always will. You're the best pal I've ever had and I love you so much. You're a good boy! You're not in pain anymore. I'm sorry we couldn't make you more comfortable. We tried our best and hope you know that. I'm sorry you didn't go for walks all the time. I know you were restless, but I didn't want to risk our bad weather making you more ill. I hope you know that. I don't want you to think you were a burden, or that we couldn't be bothered - we loved you so much, and I'd do anything to have you here and well, but it was so sore to see you in such pain and discomfort. You're free of that now pal. Run free, be happy! Play with new friends, eat and drink all the stuff you want and have fun. Thank you for letting us be your humans! Thank you for looking after us, making us happy and making sure we were alright. You did a great job, and I will never forget you. We will never forget you. When you sleep, dream of good things - and when the day comes, I hope to meet you on that bridge so we can be together again. I LOVE YOU BUSTER!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. 'NIGHT 'NIGHT PAL, SLEEP TIGHT xxxxx


I love you Buster! I hope we'll be together again soon xx
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Buster was very lucky to have someone like you who took him in and gave him a great life. Im sorry for your loss just know that people on here are very caring and understanding of what you are going through and are here to help. I lost my girl Butters dec 21 2017 at the age of 4 1/2 to cancer & kidney failure. If you need or want to chat I am here.

Butters Mom
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Thank you! I read about Butters earlier before I posted, I am so sorry and feel for you and everyone else here just as much as I feel sore for myself - all of the stories I've read here have touched me. All the animals we've taken in are lucky to have had people so caring, and we are all so lucky they've allowed us into their lives, have trusted us, and given us unconditional love. 

I love animals so much, and am so easily saddened about losing pets and people losing their furry children, I'm not sure I have the strength to go through every story and reply to everyone (although I want to). But I really do feel for everyone here, and I thank you for being here to offer me help. I really am grateful for your kind words, and although life will never be the same without Butters, I hope you find the peace and strength to remember your beautiful companion without it hurting so much. 

I also thank the page founders for having put together such a beautiful, touching and helpful place for us.  

I love you Buster! I hope we'll be together again soon xx
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Buster's story is much our experience with Bertie, our "dog in a cat suit".
She came to us when she was about 5 years old, but stil acted like a kid. 
So much joy, but her premature departure has left us with a feeling that there should have been more years.
Glad you and Buster had ther chance to be family.

Bertie's Daddy
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Thank you! What a lovely looking cat, with a hint of absolute cheek in that face too. I love how our pets can be so comical and still act like kids even when they're a little older. Glad you and Bertie had the chance to be family too. I also used to have a cat, her name was Smokey. She was a crazy gal, but I loved her. I love most animals 😉

I know what you mean about feeling robbed of time with your pal. Today has been a bad day for me. I work as a quiz-master in pubs during the week. I write my own material and host too, so have been distracted somewhat in the week since Buster left us. But when he pops into my mind, it hurts, and then I feel guilty that I hadn't thought about him for an hour or so. Today, he hasn't left my mind. I feel that I took his companionship for granted. I grew cocky in thinking he'd go on forever, yet he had been growing frail in front of me. I just didn't "see" it coming. I live in Glasgow, Scotland - as you'll be aware, our weather is not so good. So because Buster was 17, there were nights I wouldn't take him out before I headed for work. My idea was that I was protecting him from illness by not getting soaked in the rain or being out in high winds and snow. There'll always be tomorrow, I thought. There will be no more tomorrows and I'm full of regrets. He should have enjoyed his last moments, maybe I could have distracted him from the pain he was feeling. Our vet had told us he had arthritis but that it was controllable. It turned out that wasn't the case and it was about to become debilitating at a rapid pace. I wish I had spent more time with him instead of writing quizzes and thinking there would be "tomorrow". I wish I had "seen" what was actually happening and relieved him sooner. That's today's feelings. Yesterday was a day full of happy memories. I feel so lost and confused. 

I love you Buster! I hope we'll be together again soon xx
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