Hi my dog burt has had what I thought was a bug bite on his stomach since July 1st but it hasn’t gone away or changed and I was wondering if anyone had any other thoughts on what it may be
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Hi, I would definitely take your boy to a vet to have that checked! I have no idea but it could be a tick or something harmful that requires intervention from a veterinarian. Good luck and please come back with an update!
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You’re right it definitely looks like a bug bite, I would’ve thought the same thing. Perhaps it’s a knot of some sort that he got from playing? I agree that taking him to the vet is a good idea, better to be safe than sorry. I recently came across a product called Buddy Custard that works to promote overall health and aid in the prevention of illness as well. You give it to your dog once a day either alone or with their food and it comes in flavors that dogs love. Many other people who used it said that their pups lived longer, healthier lives and avoided having any major health issues which is great news for all of our pups. Check out their website buddycustard.com and see if it’s something that can be a good addition to your dogs diet.
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