I had to put my Baby (her name) to sleep yesterday. A horrible, brutal experience. Did I do the right thing? She couldn't walk. Her back legs were gone for about a week, and she hadn't eaten or drank water in more than a few days. I was looking for a little reassurance that I was doing the right thing, but the vets won't tell you that. They made me make the decision.

Here's the kicker. I had her cremated. My father was truly St. Francis (by the way, I lost him last June). My Dad took care of every bird, squirrel, rabbit, cat, dog, mouse...you name it. He nursed many an animal back to life. If they didn't make it, they had a proper burial in his back yard. Because of all of our family pets and "visitors" being in the back yard, Dad could never move. He couldn't leave them. I totally understand this.

I thought I would do it differently because I have a feeling that someday soon I'll have to leave my neighborhood. I went to a cremation place in the Cleveland area that advertised themselves as being all compassionate and caring. I don't even think they knew if I had a cat or a dog. My Baby, a female cat, was continuously referred to as a "he" and an "it". I was even more devasted after going to this place, and I'm so, so angry.

I'm sorry to vent. I am just so disappointed that I dealt with uncompassionate people at this time. Don't people know that these are are kids? Our true, pure loves?

I brought her back home with me today. I'm crying as I type this.

I'm sorry.

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When our friends stop eating and drinking it's usually a pretty sure sign it's time for them to go home. You did the right thing. I'm sorry you had to deal with cold hearted uncompassionate people. Sadly many many people "just don't get it". I used to really hate such people but it's not worth the time and effort - much better to simply ignore them. The important thing is that Baby is in Heaven now. You love her and will see her again - that's all that really matters.

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Thank you for the kind words, and thank you for reassuring me that I did the right thing. I believe I knew, but you're just never sure...

And, you are right. A lot of people just don't get it. I'm still allowed to be angry at this point. It's still too fresh! My anger and anguish will subside eventually, but I still feel I'm allowed to grieve at this time.

Again, thank you. You know. Your response brought me a bit of peace.

Thank you, friend.
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I'm sorry. I was so consumed with myself that I didn't read about you. I'm literally 1 hour new to this site.

I hope you can find your peace. You are great human being--that is the utmost compliment I can give you.

May you eventually find your peace, and thank you for comforting those of us who aren't quite there yet.

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Fortunately my experience was better...my guy Jake also stopped eating and drinking and at the end couldn't stand..that was what decided for me it was time to let him go....I had not considered cremation initially but after talking to the vet was reassured it was a reasonable option. They contacted me several times during the process making sure I knew what was taking place (as far as where Jake was) and what I wanted done....it turned out well
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I am so sorry for your loss. I know that it is a very difficult time you are going through now.

Making the decision to have your beloved friend cremated or buried is a terrible and final decision to make- it is upsetting for all of us.  However, having my Mollie cremated three months ago felt like the only right thing for me to do- then I could have her home again with me. Like you, I was concerned about moving someday- I did not want to leave her behind.

I am so sorry to hear about your upsetting experience with the crematorium- if I were you, I would write a letter of complaint to them- to call an animal 'it' is beyond all comprehension. Anyone who does that should be fired from their job immediately- it shows that they have absolutely no sensitivity at all.  I am sure that if staff at a funeral home referred to your grandmother as an 'it' or a 'he', they would be severely reprimanded or let go.

As well, tell your vet about your bad experience- I am sure that they will change the crematorium that they use (I know that mine would).
I think that writing that letter, and complaining to your vet about your experience, will give you some sense of empowerment- and will help you with your angry feelings.  Do it for Baby, and for all of the others who may have to use that place in the future. 

Know that you did the right thing, and you have your beloved Baby back with you. Things will slowly get better, I promise.

My thoughts are with you,


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You definitely did the right thing in helping your precious Baby to cross the Rainbow Bridge.  I had a dog, several years ago, that I had found.  He was with me for about 6 months and I was completely attached to him, even though he was a bit of a "punk"...haha.  My other dogs and cats were like, "who is this yahoo you have brought home?" His back legs started going out from under him and one morning he could not stand up.  I took him to the vet, she did some tests and long story short, he would never stand again.  I brought him home for a few hours, it was spring, and I put him on a towel out in the yard with me.  Then I took him back to the vet and had him put down.  YEs it is hard and we usually second guess ourselves, but I know that in my heart, AND in yours, we made the right decisions for our babies.

I am so sorry for your loss.  I feel your pain, I do. 

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