We lost our little boy Addison tragically on Friday.
My heart is so broken. He took my heart with him when he left me.
The guilt is so over whelming. I didn't protect him. Why did he leave me when I still needed him?
Everything is just spinning out of control and I don't know how to stop it.
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I'm so sorry for your loss..

My bird Charlie passed away on Wednesday and I feel how you do. I wasn't ready for him to leave me.. Everything feels so strange without him.

Im sure that Addison knew you loved and cherished him.. Animals have a way of knowing this..

I'm sorry I can't offer more comforting words, just know everyone here knows how you feel.
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hi, i do not think any of us are ready...whether it is unexpected or pre determined that your pet is losing quality of life.....I am so sorry about your Addison, talking about him may help & know that others here truly understand. I am grieving myself, after losing my baby on
12/3/15, it hurts alot and i miss my baby.

Please know that your Addison is at peace and will be your guardian angel...


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