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It's been a week today since we sent our Golden, Sunshine, to Rainbow Bridge. She was very special to us for 12 years and provided a lot of love and joy in our lives. Our house just isn't the same without her. Although we are still mourning her loss we have concluded that we are confirmed dog lovers and must have another. We contacted a rescue organization for Golden Retrievers and attended a meeting this past Saturday. It's heart breaking to see some of the older dogs who have been abandoned for one reason or another. The older they are the less likely they will find a new home and some are destined to die never again having the love they once had or deserve to have again. We would take them all if we could but our plan is to take two. We tell ourselves that this is what Sunshine would want us to do. Give other dogs the good life we gave her and confort them when they get old. Our pets are only on the earth a short time and we get very emotionally attached to them. Their loss is hard to bear but we need to understand that as animal lovers it our privilege to be able to provide good homes, love and care for our animal friends during their stay with us. Don't feel guilty about getting a new pet. You have shown you have the capacity to love and care for a being who completely depends on you for their existence. Everyone grieves in a different manner but after 40 years and many dogs we have concluded that still have a lot of capacity to love again and will continue to do so until we are unable.


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  Thanks so much for adopting seniors from a rescue group. 
    It is so wonderful of you to open your heart and home to them.  It's also an indication of how much love you gave Sunshine and will give these 2.   A wonderful tribute to sunshine's legacy.  Goldens are so special.
  I just know Sunshine is smiling inheaven and will help lead you to the right two for you.

  You remain in my thoughts & prayers.

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