I lost my father to cancer last year. Lost my mother in 2013. Lost my brother in 1995. Lost my aunt in 1999, She raised me and was my best friend and confidant. And now I've lost my little princess. I am so deeply depressed I just wander around the house like a zombie. I try real hard to focus on work and tidying up the house but it all seems so pointless.

This COVID-19 has kept me away from my 4-year old grandniece who I took to school every morning. I miss her terribly too. What will I say about Bella being gone? How will she react? How can she understand?

My sister in law sent me a link to this site and I'm really glad she did. Just writing this all down has been somewhat cathartic for me. I know there are like-minded people on here who feel the same. Just knowing that, is helpful somehow.

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Thank you for sharing these thoughts, this helps a lot of people. Good luck! 
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