Hi, my baby boy Sherpa was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor. He is the love of my love, been with me through some tough times and only 4. He isn’t himself much of the time. He gets obsessive about chewing, paces a lot, doesn’t always understand fingers and accidentally almost hurt one of my friends. I’m not ready to let him go but I’m starting to wonder how uncomfortable he is even though he’s still smiling. It’s been tough to make the call when it’s tine to PTS. If anyone who has gone through has any thoughts I’d love to hear from others.
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Hello, My little ones didn't have brain tumours but it does sound like Sherpa is not himself. Have you spoken with your vet about how advanced the tumour might be? As tough as this is, it has to be about what is best for him because you love him and will never be ready to let him go. On the other hand, you don't want him to suffer. I'm sorry you have this terrible decision to make. Sending positive vibes for peace and courage and hugs to you,
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Just a few hours ago we decided to put our baby Nala down, she had a brain tumor and also metastases in the neck and one shoulder, maybe even in other places. Nala was close to turning 5 years old... and she was so healthy, she fought almost til the end.

We got the diagnosis one month and a half ago. Nala seemed to be fine, the only problem was that she couldn't climb up the stairs to her bed in my mom's bedroom. She slowly started getting lost in the house, like when she wanted to go drink some water, she couldn't remember where the bowl was. In the past week she started losing coordination and strength in her front legs, until she couldn't walk anymore and lost all control of her bowels and bladder.

The problem with brain tumors is that they affect all the nervous system. Your Sherpa might start showing agressiveness, confusion... he might lack coordination when he moves... and ultimately, there will come a time when he has seizures. And believe me, seizures in dogs are the most soul wretching thing you will ever see. But all this doesn't mean you have to rush to the vet and put him down right now. Nala fought so much... when we called the vet for the first time to have him come and end her pain, I don't know how, but she managed to stand up on all four legs and push the kitchen door, like saying "hey, I'm still here".

We asked for a lot of different opinions. We tried a round of chemo and it kinda worked, but the side effects were not worth another round. The vet prescribed prednisone and it helped us have Nala for one more month with us. Our friends kept telling us to put her down, after all, we all know how brain cancer evolves. Two of three vets refused to put her down so soon. But an oncologist for humans gave us the answer: when she stops eating and walking. And so she did. She spent 18 hours without being able to move at all and she refused to eat and even to drink her water. 18 hours cause we had to wait for the vet to come and end the pain.

Maybe the size and location of the tumor in Sherpa's brain is the kind that affects behaviour. Talk to your vet and see if some medication could help contain the size of the tumor and reduce the pressure it's making in Sherpa's brain. Maybe there are other meds that could help him stay around for a little longer. This pages might help you give him the best quality of life you can and understand better how the tumor affects his brain:
The second is in Spanish, but maybe you can translate it. It explains why some foods "help" cancer develop faster. In short: a home made diet of chicken, tofu, eggs and spinach could help your baby a lot. I tried it and Nala loved that diet.

My advice is to cherish every second you have with Sherpa. Build a lot of sweet memories before putting him down and listen to your instinct and to Sherpa, then you'll know when it's time to let him go.

Wish you the best and a lot of blessings to both of you.
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I’m so sorry for your loss. They do fight hard! Thank you so much for the story and advice! I do have a lot of people thinking I should do something soon but I don’t think it’s quite time. It’s also hard because a friend is watching my other dog because Sherpa just can’t deal with a 1 yr old puppy.

Thanks again it helps to hear from others going through it or have gone through this.
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I forgot an important part of Nala's story. I don't know Sherpa and your other baby, how they got along before Sherpa got sick and if Sherpa is showing some agressiveness. But on October 15 we adopted a fat ball of fur who had this house upside down for quite a long time. Her name is Bimba and Bimba even tried to escape on November 4 making my mother run after her, fall and break her wrist in the worst possible way. But when Bimba saw what happened, she stopped walking and came back to sit right next to my mom.

Bimba used to smell Nala's ears and lick her head all the time. We thought Bimba was just trying to establish her superiority, cause she's an 8 year old rescue. But now we know she was trying to tell us something, cause once we started Nala's treatment, she stopped smelling and licking her.

Bimba is like a puppy, she's wreckless, playful, hyper and honestly, annoying". But for the last days of Nala's life, Bimba turned into Nala's compass and blanket.

Bimba used to lay so close to Nala, we were worried she would hurt her, but one day I realized she was just warming her up, cause cancer can affect a lot the blood sugar levels. When Nala seemed to be lost around the house, Bimba came to walk in front of her and guide her to her bowl or to the bathroom.

Before we got Nala's diagnose, they had a tiny fight. Nala was the sweetest dog ever, she never even growled, until one day, Bimba wanted to eat her food and Nala growled at her, Bimba barked back and Nala was so close to going to Bimba's throat. Luckily I was there all the time to see if Nala wanted to eat, cause as you should know now, the tumors also affect appetite, so I was able to stop s real fight before it even began.

Maybe your puppy could be able to be with Sherpa, provided that there's always someone watching over them in case of aggression. Dogs are super smart and sometimes even more understanding that humans when it comes to illness, not to mention that they always know what's going on because they can smell changes in the body.

In any case, remember that dogs are species that love tradition and changing their environment, their rutine, can affect them a lot.

Please keep us updated, I'll be here to read any knews about Sherpa. Lots of hugs from Bimba and me.
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Thank so much. Sounds like they really were good with each other! 😊
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Hello, yesterday we had to put down my baby. He was a 12 year old schnauzer and he was misdiagnosed so we found out late that he had nasal cancer. What happened was that the tumor had reached the brain.
I was walking him yesterday, he sneezed and collapse to the ground and started to have a seizure out of nowhere.
We talk to the vets but they said that keeping him alive would make him suffer.
My baby, Toto, never stopped being the loving, lazy and smiling dog that he always was, and even in the last moment he brought me comfort.
I’m not trying to make you sad, but I think you should talk again with the Vets about the possibilities or to see your puppy and try to be honest with yourself about the situation.
I really hope everything turns out fine, and if you ever need to talk you can message me.
Honestly I’m still in shock about everything, he’s been with me since I was 11, but I think talking to people in here will help me to deal with everything.
I wish you and your baby the best of lucks.
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I am so sorry for your loss! Totally devastating! Unfortunately about 2 weeks ago my boy got worse. He started having more pain at night and would cause him to have breathing problems most of the night. Then he had his first seizure. I knew it was time I couldn’t watch him go through any more. During the days he was like yours but nights were horrible for him. I’m still lost without him. Good luck and maybe our baby’s are playing together pain free💗
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