My beautiful Brady passed away in December, I felt at the time as if my heart was torn apart. I listened to what people said and try so hard to move on but find I just can't. Brady to me was my third "child", my baby. My two daughters had a little sister and she was always treated as such. I feel as if I am empty inside, I hurt so much, and cry when I'm alone. When I think of where she might be I panic because she was such a mommy's girl she hated being away from me. I can't stand the thought she might be wondering where mom has gone, and feels scared and alone. I know others think I'm an absolute nutcase, so I don't share my grief very often. Will this ever get easier? will I ever enjoy my life again? I know there are no easy answers, I just want the impossible...My Baby back.

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Brady's mom,

I am so sorry about the loss of your special furchild. Brady isn't alone, scared or wondering where he is....all of our babies welcomed him and made him feel at home and happy.

The journey through grief is not an easy one.  In the greater scheme of things you are still near the beginning of the process.  There will be good days, bad days, unbearable days...sometimes it seems like they are all in the same day.  It truly does get easier but it does take time.  Share some stories about your special boy so we can know how special he was to you and your girls.

One day you may come to realize that your Brady is still with you in so many special ways.  I can hear you saying.....it's not the same.  I know, it's not, but the love you shared won't die.  I was so afraid after my boys(Nico and Kudo) died that I would forget the special things like the smell of their fur, the jagged feel of their tongues when they liked me, the unique sounds of their meows...those things are special, but the vivid memories do fade.  But the beauty of it is that the love and memories seem to grow and blossom in your heart. I just recently had my first visit from my precious Nico and wrote about it today.  Your Brady loves all of you from afar now, but the love on both side still remains.  When the pain subsides you will see and feel the glow of the paw prints on your heart.

You are not a nutcase.  We all know the pain, desperation and sadness that you are feeling now.  You are among friends who know what you are feeling.


Karen,Kudo and Nico's mom
Earth mom to Marco and Bella
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