Tomorrow will mark the 3 weeks (21 long days) that I had to let you go. I miss you soooo much. So does Gypsy and Toby. You were the leader of this house!! I would give anything to have you back of course healthy and pain free.
As you know today is my mother's birthday. My mind of course went back to losing her and your daddy in the same month. 27 days apart. You were daddy's little boy because he found you in our backyard. And he swears you brought Gypsy here because she really needed help. We didn't think she would make it but with you showing her the ropes around here she has. I know you two had a bond that I probably wouldn't understand. She followed your lead!! She still seems alittle lost but is getting better.
I am grateful that you are pain free and with your daddy now. You gave me 10 yrs more after he left us. I know i am being greedy by wanting you back, but you was my rock. I love and miss you sooo much. You will always be my baby boy. Love, Mommy.
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