My 9 year old boxer, Haylee passed away on January 9th. After numerous trips to the vet, they eventually sent me to a neurologist, who did an MRI. The MRI found a large tumor at the base of her brain. They said it was likely a meningioma tumor and because of the very bad location, it could not be removed. At the time of diagnosis, they gave her two weeks to live, which they said was optimistic. I was devastated. My best buddy, who I had gotten as I was getting out on my own, was not going to be with me much longer. They sent me home with prednisone to help with edema. They cautioned me that the longer I waited, the more the chance was she could have seizures or difficulty breathing. I couldn't let my baby go through this. All I could picture is her having an episode where she couldn't breath and me sitting there hopeless and not able to do anything.

I brought her home that night so she could spend some time with her buddy, Hunter (a male boxer). I had rescued Hunter three years prior off the streets of New Orleans and they had been best friends since. The following day, I took her to my vet and made the very difficult decision to let her go. This was by far, the most difficult thing I have ever done. I cant say that I regret making this decision when I did... She was not the same dog. She would constantly pace around, walk in circles, and was extremely wobbly and clumsy. I was told by the vet that these were symptoms of a brain tumor. The day I took her to the vet was the first day she wouldn't eat her food. I took that as one last sign that it was her time.

It's been about three weeks now since her passing and it still seems like its not going to get easier. I'm sure it will with time, but I still cant believe my Haylee is gone. Although the multiple trips to the vets and the numerous tests were stressful, I'm glad I went as far as to get the MRI because it left me with no questions unanswered. I knew it was a tumor that could not be treated. She was only going to get worse but it was up to me to decide how bad I was going to let it get. I know she is in a better place today where she can run and play everyday. I'm very very thankful for my other buddy, Hunter. I think he may have been a little confused as to what was going on at first, but he's doing ok now. He's getting all the attention now so im sure he doesn't mind that.
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