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Regretfully and sadly, I must inform my friends here that my little and beloved Boots, suffering from CRF has crossed over
the bridge today with the help of a vet.  While it was an agonizing decision for me to make, and I had postponed it
once already, trying to put it off as long as I could, I didn't
want him to suffer in his final hours as he was going toxic
and wasn't eating any more in these final hours.

Our story will follow shortly, but in the meantime, please say
a prayer for my little Boots who is now on the other side of
the Rainbow's bridge waiting for me.

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Der Carverman,

My heart aches for you now, specially since I am treating my 16 & 1/2 year-old sweetheart, T.J. (my avatar), for CRF.  It's so hard to see them get so sick.  I admire you for being able to make that painful decision, and for releasing Boots from his suffering knowing that your own would just begin.   I hope and pray to find the courage to do the same for Teege when the time comes if he isn't able to make the journey on his own. 

I look forward to reading your story about life with Boots.  You can count on me to say a prayer not only for Boots, but for you, most of all.  Boots will be fine.  He's your special angel now, and he will never be more than a whisper away from you.  I am sure he has met up with my Bridge Kitties, Bingo and Budd, and that they are giving him the grand tour of his new realm of eternal health, youth and comfort. 

Thoughts and prayers are coming your way.

My heart is battered and bruised, but I will not let it break. It holds such precious cargo, I must protect it now. (Susie Squillions)

"Memories of loved ones are like songs in our soul." Margaret Wakeley




In one of the stars, I shall be living.
In one of them, I shall be laughing.
And so it will be as if all the stars were laughing when you look at the sky at night.
~ The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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Thank you so much for you thoughtful condolences.  

Yes, Boots was a "special kitty" and very dear to my heart and will be as long as I'm alive.  Like all of God's creatures, he had a life,  (short as it was),  and a purpose to be my little buddy.

It was an agonizing decision, and in the last couple of days I
realized that I shouldn't be so selfish because I loved him so
much,  and I'm sure he loved me as well because, sick as he
 was, he would still rub his head against mine, and purr softly
as he slept in my lap or bed for several nights. 
He was a stray I found at a campground where I share a
 trailer, and even though other campers thought he was a
 nuisance, he would come to our trailer at night at first
 because of fear of rejection like he experienced with others.
My friend has a cat that she kept at the trailer with her
when she was there and Boots knew that there would be
food because he was starving then, overwintering a harsh
winter without any food or water.  Whether that triggered
his CRF or not, I don't know, but I took him home with
me, (protesting as he did in the cat carrier on the ride home),
he soon adapted to my TLC, vet visits and enjoyed my
 company and walks together on a leash. 
People were amazed that he was so friendly towards everyone, kids and even dogs.

Last summer, I spent the entire summer at the campground
 where I found him, and we were both very happy  roaming
 free, and stareing at the lake and the sunsets together.
 Little did I know it would be his last.

Boots was very special to me.  I have  just submitted our
 story for Ginny to post, and it should be available soon. 

I woke up this morning from my sleep trying to listen for his
 familiar scratching on the downstairs mat, but it didn't
 happen today, so I know this is my reality.  I brought him
 home yesterday from the vet's,gently wrapped him up in a
 soft cloth in the pine coffin I made for him last fall, with
his name and dates carved out and painted in gold. 
I waited until a few days ago to put the final digit of his
last year out of respect for him.

He passed peacefully and I was grateful for that because
I couldn't bear to see him suffer any longer from that
horrible disease.

Right now he is resting peacefully, in my plant room.
Later on today, I will whisper my final goodbye in his ear
 and fasten the lid, put the coffin in a box put in a shed
 outside, to be buried in April on the hill at the campground
 where I found him.  I promised him I would return him back
 there once again for the final time where I found him,
because I don't know where he came from but he belongs
to God. 

  His picture is in a 8x10 frame on my wall along with his
 collar and a plastic engraving with his name and dates.
   I also purchased the Rainbow Bridge pin and poem.
I will frame that and attach the pin to his picture.

Today, I will make a donation in his name to my local cat
and animal shelter in his memory.



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i am sorry to hear of your sad loss
i am too suffering, my little black girl cat MINt passed away on Valentines day age 13, leaving a tortie twin
today we got her little box back, i lit a candle, i feel so numb from crying, the shock of not ever seeing her again is hell,
one minute it was a happy xmas, then on jan 2nd we took her to the vets as she had a swollen tummy, it was cancer, we fought with her
then she is gone, feb 14th
the pain is unbearable

i do understand your loss, it does help to share
i pray for "boots" strong somehow

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Greetings Carverman and family....I said a prayer for you today hoping that your pain and sorrow will subside in time. Your Kitty Boots is happy that his last days were with you cause you were special to him too.


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Yes, thank you friends for your sincere condolences.   I'm still
grieving today, because it's almost the same as losing a child.
I'm still waking up early in an attempt to listen for his familiar
scratching at the front door mat.  I don't hear it anymore, but
I know he is in a better place now free from pain.  I tear up
everytime I think of him as he was a special kitty.
A sweet loving personality that I have never experienced
 in a cat before, and he was not my first cat..but the
 circumstances of how I found him and the bond we shared
 will last for the rest of my life.
I do have another cat that is living with me,
after I took her in when her owner passed away last fall,
she is a nice  sweet kitty..but she is not you Boots......
I miss you so much!


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The days pass..sunrise, sunset..but it's not the same for me.
Yesterday, I closed the lid on the coffin I lovingly made for
him last fall, when I was given the heartbreaking news by the
vet.  He is now resting on my carving bench, in splendor and
dignity that he deserved as a living soul and my companion.

God Bless you little Boots..I miss you so much and tears
 come to my eyes every time I think of you.  I love you more
than you will ever know.  I never have bonded to any living
thing as I have bonded to you. You were, and still are, a very
special kitty to me, because you came at a time in my life,
when I was lonely and need a companion. You filled that
role and my life more than anyone can ever imagine.
   God took you from me, my sweet little Boots and I hope
 that someday we can meet again when I cross the bridge.


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Dear Carverman,  I am so sorry for your loss. I just lost my four-year old cat Renly on 2/24, and my heart is a mess. He was diagnosed with CRF just last month and my husband and I had learned to give fluids and had him on a kidney failure diet. His blood counts returned to normal and we thought we'd have him for years. He threw a blood clot on Thursday morning. We loved him so much. Our vet said he was young and blood thinners (administered along with a pain killer) may help break up and pass the clot. We were so hopeful. My husband and I loved the little guy dearly and we weren't ready to let go. We thought we'd have 24 hours to look for a change and then have to make that hard decision of putting him to sleep if he didn't respond. We never got the chance - he passed in the night by means of a second blood clot.  My intentions were to offer my condolences but it seems I have gone on about my loss and pain. I guess I'm trying to rationalize this pain and the emptiness that I feel by looking for others who know how I feel. Again, I am so sorry for your loss and perhaps heaven has a special field where our little CRF kitties can play.

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Dear Sweetpea..
Yes, we now know how horrible to cats this disease can be.
It's basically a cancer of not only the kidneys, but the liver
and blood cell producing bone marrow as well.  While there
is expensive (EPO) synthetic hormones to try and stimulate
blood cell production (PCV), the cost of these treatments is
enormous and in the end, you only maybe prolong their lives
a little bit by a few weeks. 

My little guy had it for quite a while, and started to lose interest in eating last spring. 
I didn't know what it was then, as he was still robust and
weighed around 10lbs.  By end of summer he was getting very
thin as he continued to lose weight and by Feb he was down to around 3lbs. He still managed to get around,
weak as he was and even went in the back yard to
scratch on the tree.

 Someday, maybe advancements in veternary medicine
will be able to treat these kinds of diseases a bit better,
but the fact is that when you lose kidney function, it's only
a matter of time, unless you can stop further deterioration
and that is so hard to do because other organs are usually
affected by then and with the weight loss, it is only a matter
of time..and all you can do is give them all your love and make sure you do it every day, while they are still with you.

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