All test came back In- conclusive.   The Tumor has been removed along with half of his leg.  He Is 12 now.  If It returns I will help him to cross over for I will never allow any of my babies to suffer.   Some-times there are just parts of your life that you can't control. You do the best with what you have to work with and go from there.  We loose alot of our fur-babies to diease and then some but there Is always more that need our help and I will keep going on that note.    If I can't save one, maybe I can save another.  Marty and critters/dalmation 

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Marty-I wish your results had been more conclusive.  I commend you on trying to help your boy, and hopefully there will not be a relapse, I'll cross my fingers...  Thankfully our babies are more resilient than we are!

Polar's Mom
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