When my miniature poodle, Shamus died on January 2nd I was devastated and this site, and all of you, are what helped me get by.  I'm still so sad but i'm dealing much better with it at least now.  Recently, I got such a great sign from my Shamus that I had to share with all of you that had such great stories that helped me. 

So, everyone told me how they prayed and got to see their loved pets in some way or could hear them or thought they saw them.  I saw nothing, I heard nothing.  I would go to bed at night and think so hard about him so that i would dream about him and I would never dream about him.  About a week after Shamus passed I was still a mess.  My husband and i have been trying for another baby for sometime with no luck.  This month i decided not to bother trying.  I used to try everything to get pregnant and nothing was working.  So, according to my calculations I was ovulating but i couldn't bring myself to do anything but cry and my husband was more then supportive of my tears.  But that night, i prayed and prayed to stop and wondered if I should try.  I prayed to God and I prayed to Shamus to tell me what to do.  Suddenly i got a peace about me.  It was almost like i couldn't cry if i wanted to.  So we tried.  That was about the only time i didn't cry the whole month. 

THen the other day I realized something was wrong with me.  I thought i was sick.  I figured I was probably dehyrdrated and so sleepy from all this stress.  The I realized I was late.  I took a test and I'm very much pregnant. 

I had gotten pregnant the night i prayed to him and he gave me the peace.  Shamus had given me so much in life and now that he was gone he gave me one more most wonderful thing.  So like him. 

I had been begging God even the night before i realized i was pregnant to give me some sign Shamus was fine, that he was with me, that he could hear me, but I thought there was no sign and I though that maybe he wasn't fine and that's why i got no sign.  But instead, it was there waiting for me to notice it. 

I just wanted to share this with all of you who were there for and for all of you who are going through the same thing.  They ARE still with us and they are still taking care of us.  I promise you, just talk to them, they are our God's angels set to show us true love. 

smiling for the first time since Jan. 2nd!

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Congratulations!  I believe that probably is a gift from your beloved Shamus.

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Congratulations!  Take good care of yourself.  You have a beautiful reason to smile now, and you now have proof that there's a very special angel watching over you.  What a wonderful story of faith and renewal.
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Congratulations!  I wish you and your husband and baby all the best.  You know Shamus is watching over you.

Peace and Love,

~ V
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I remember reading this the very first time a few weeks ago hoping & wishing for something similar. Hoping I'd at least have a dream.. well.. I had like, FOUR.. 1st two weren't good tho - more like nightmares. Third was odd.. but.. this morning's was the one I'd been hoping for.. His fur looked SO soft & colorful & could easily see that he was his happy self & 100% healthy. Nothing like the day we had to have him put to sleep. He was absolutely overjoyed to see us in my dream, in fact he was rolling about like he was a puppy! I couldn't have asked for a better dream :-)

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I lost my sweet Annie today.  She was a rottweiler that we had adopted in Feb of 2002. 
In January of 2002 we lost a doberman named Biscuit and in March the next year we lost my cat of 18 years, Muffin.  I too asked God for a sign that they were in heaven.  Strange things happened that got my attention.  I had a yellow rose bush that never bloomed.  After Biscuit died, the next week, it began to bloom.  I had had that bush for 3 years andnever had a blossom.  Then after muffin died, my husband had given me a white rose bud.  I put it in water and the next morning when I woke up it had opened up completely.  That doesn't happen normally.  It was weird.  Today was a cloudless sunny day where I live and not a breeze at all.  After Annie passed, I walked outside and all of the sudden the breeze began to blow and really blow strong.  And an eagle flew over the field I was in and then flew away.  I had never seen this species of eagle before in this area where I live.  It was almost like it was her spirit being swept up into heaven.  I thought I was the only one who would look for signs that our loved ones were in Heaven.  Glad to see that others share my thoughts. 

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I love your experiences.  Thank you for sharing them with me.  After I wrote that i thought everyone who reads this probably thinks i'm insane but i'm glad other people are experiencing and noticing how blessed we are.  My 19 month old has been talking about Shamus constantly lately and finding little things that remind him of him, it's awesome.  He'll point at a blanket he ONE TIME laid on and say SHAMUS and laugh, it's great.  It's so nice to have little things that show you how they are still trying to let us know they are with us. 
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I have dreams sometimes about my little ones.  I had one the other night about Annie.  She had such a shiney coat and was jumping around and running and when I looked at her mouth (where her tumor was) I saw it shrink.  She's healthy and happy now and I think she's coming around to let me know that things are ok with her up there. 

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