Today I received your ashes and once again my heart was broken.
I miss you everyday in everyway.
Our silly tussles at bedtime while your tail wagged.
Your self play and even a one time game of fetch.
You were my comfort when my PTSD was bad.
Your were the things that made me a better guarden.
I loved you then and I love you now.
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Oh dear. I am so sorry for your broken heart. I, too, must do this on Tuesday. Pick up my kitty's ashes. It's going to be immense heartbreak all over. Just like it was for you.

You have your angel back in a tangible way. Light a candle, cry, mourn, etc. But know that their spirits live on.

Take care.

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Thank you.
And yes lite a candle, mourn and remember your fur baby.
You are in my prayers.
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