May 9, 2008 I was told I was being taken to a shelter to adopt any dog I wanted for my 19th birthday present.  I was ecstatic because I really missed having a dog.  I had dreams of getting my basset hound but knew the shelter had none currently.  I was sad and really didn't want to settle for just anyone but I went and looked anyway.  It was pure magic that as I approached the shelter and looked through the HUGE GLASS WINDOW that the puppy I would first lay eyes on was a basset hound...about 1 year old.

I fought like hell all day and I took her home.  I got her 2 days before my birthday and my mom got me years ago 2 days before her birthday.  So you can see how the pattern was kind of special. My dog was my everything.

Her birthday or adoption day came and went this was so sad.  I'm over all the crazy emotions but now I just miss her.  I know I can't just hop in the car and drive to her which is very sad.   My daughter also keeps talking about her.  She keeps finding photos of my dog I have collected over the years...she ended up packing up her photos and telling Grandma she wants them for her bedroom.  Its very sad that such a young kid had to experience such a loss and months later still holds on to it so strongly. 

Its hard to think that this year she would have been 8/9years old...I'm not sure about her age.  She was just becoming a senior and should have had so many more years.  All I can do is look back, remember the good, and hope someday in the future have another special one of a kind connection, friendship, and love with another dog like I did her. 
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