Our wonderfully, energetic, lovin 5 month old pup passed away at the animal hospital last night. Sadly he was poisened, don't know how or why or who would commit such a cruel act and inflict such suffering on him or us. We nevet left anything harmful in our pets reach. We will always love you, beautiful Oscar RIP we are imensely sad and pained by your sudden death.
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I am sorry for your terrible loss.....

I miss you more than you can ever know
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I am so very sorry - it is beyond belief that somebody could do something so cruel.  Oscar was only a baby with a beautiful life ahead of him.  
                                                                              Sending you prayers and comfort, Jackie.
J Taylor
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I also am so very horrified and sorry for your loss.  There are some very, very sick people out there.  This was in no way your fault. May your Oscar R.I.P.  I am so sorry.
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I just wanted to add my condolences - and thoughts for your poor Oscar.  Awful, awful people within the world  . . . Wishing you some comfort and calm over the next few days.
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I am so sorry for your loss of Oscar. I shake my head at the thought of someone intentionally doing this.
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I am so sorry for your loss, and 5 months old is too young. Did the Vets give a report on what actally happened, what kind of poison?? There are plants that grow outdoors that can be very dangerous to dogs if eaten. And, i would hate to think that a person would intentionally do this to your sweet loving pup. My heartgoes out to you


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What a terrible loss, so young.  My thoughts are with you 
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