My 14 year old Yorkie may have cancer in the liver. She is not a candidate for biopsy because she is a high anesthesia risk due to her age and having an enlarged heart, so we don't know 100% that she has cancer.
I took her to the vet about a month ago because of seasonal allergies. She had red itchy eyes and ears. The vet could hear a little wheeze in her chest so in addition to the eye and ear drops she prescribed an antibiotic and did a recheck after one week. There was still a wheeze in her chest so we did an xray and spotted a very enlarged liver. Bloodwork showed elevated liver enzymes but not liver failure. The right side of the heart was also slightly enlarged but not enough to indicate heart failure either. She was put on Denamarin for the liver, more antibiotics, a bronchial dilator because the heart is enlarged in an area that presses a little against the trachea, and Lasix to keep down the fluid in her heart. An ultrasound was performed last week at a larger vet hospital and he said almost her entire liver is abnormal and also the gallbladder and spleen are enlarged. All other organs and all visible lymph nodes looked good.
The vet from that hospital has discussed the results with my regular vet and they both feel it's most likely cancer. In addition I have a relative who is a nurse and she had someone in the ultrasound department at the "people hospital" look at the report and the ultrasound person says it sounds suspicious for cancerous masses according to the terminology in the report. I have an appointment Saturday at another hospital just to get a 2nd opinion and advice.
Up until now she had no liver symptoms at all but for the past few days her appetite isn't normal so we just started her on something to stimulate her appetite and I have been advised on some healthy homemade recipes to tempt her to eat.
It's difficult because we cannot know for certain she has cancer until we see if this progresses. I can't risk losing her in a biopsy, especially if it's only to confirm what I've already been told. It would not be operable since the whole liver seems affected throughout.
This is almost unbearable to think about. We lost her sister two years ago to complications from Cushing's/Diabetes/Kidney Disease and Belinda is what kept me going because I still had her and she needed me more than ever without her sister/best friend here. We have become even closer since she's been the only dog. She eats with us, sleeps with us, travels with us, and shares everything in life with me and my husband. I can barely keep from crying constantly now. Life is unimaginable without her, plus I don't want her to be sick or have pain. I'm holding onto a little hope since we can't do a biopsy and prove it's cancer.
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