Been 3 months since my dear Molly (black pug) has gone over to rainbow bridge.... now that the good weather is here it is really hitting me hard .... I miss her so bad...when I step outside and face the park that we always walked in I completely want to break down, this dog is all I had left in my life, my dad passed away a year ago , I had found him dead in his bed and I’m still not over that ....and now with Molly gone I feel completely empty inside , back in Feb i went to the ER as I was having terrible suicidal thoughts, was given medication however i felt like a Zombie during the day , my pain was numbed which was good however i was sleeping half of my days as of last Sunday I decided to cut down slowly and stop them ...what a mistake that was ... last night I was having bad auditory hallucinations, I could hear Molly in the living room , just as I would fall asleep I would hear sounds that just freaked me right out ...then spent the whole night up.... so tonight I’m going back to the meds .......this whole thing is far from funny....
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I am so very sorry for your loss of Molly, she is so cute in the picture. What you have been through, the loss of your Dad and now Molly, I can't imagine how difficult this is for you. I so wish there were words I could say that would help, everyone here on this forum is going through some type of grief/pain. It varies so much for each individual, there is no 'right way'. I would like to say that ever so slowly things will get better, but it does take awhile. Being alone, going through what you are facing is really hard. When I lost my little angels, I had my spouse to help me through the darker times. I know some people here have found pet grief support groups that hold weekly/monthly meetings in their local areas. You might see if there is a group like this where you live? I want you to know, there are so many people here who understand the grief from losing our little fur babies, they can be a tremendous help, they kept me from going crazy. If you feel like it later, only if you want to, you could post a few pictures and tell us more about Molly and how you helped each other and what she meant to you. In the beginning it seems like we take one step forward and two backward, the grief comes in waves and it wears us down. I wrote journals for my angels, one of all the memories I had of them, good times, funny things, routines, etc. The other journal was a daily/weekly entry about my feelings, what I was going through, and I also would write/talk to them. It helped me. I lit candles every Sunday, still do, to honor them and 'be' with them. You have my prayers and blessings, it is a difficult journey, but I hope you can find some help here. 
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I am so sorry. I'm nearing three months and continue to struggle. I do think it's harder when there have been other losses and difficulties in life. The bad feelings just pile on.

I hope being here will help you some. People really do understand and relate and are compassionate. Don't hesitate to get more help in 3D, too, if it turns out you need it. 
-Missing Marissa deeply
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