Our young beardy Felix, who is 10 months, died today in the early morning hours. I believe it was due to a Respiratory Infection. I wept so hard. I wept for the loss of his little life, and for my 11 year old son's loss. I wept for being unable to help him more than we tried. It's so hard to watch something suffer and feel helpless. I wept b/c you research and you care and you enjoy their life and then face loss.

I'm proud of my son, who had a little business last year, and saved his money to purchase a bearded dragon and the proper needed supplies. We researched before we started the Beardy Adventure.

It was not an easy adventure. And as I read on another forum, I agree that although pet stores will say bearded dragons are an easy beginner pet, they just aren't - baby beardy's can be "finicky and fragile". The needs of a Beardy are spelled out simply, but they have so many factors that go into making a habitat work.

We started with two from a box pet store. We thought nothing of it, as we had met other's who had purchased from box stores, and things seemed to go well. Within two weeks they were not eating or thriving well. The pet store filled their guarantee, and we waited a bit. We talked with experts over anything we could have done better. And discussed anything we could tweak to make a better experience. Then my son said he was ready and wanted to try again, we purchases another single baby from a specialty pet store.

This baby ate well and thrived. He had a spunky personality, and for some odd reason loved popping on his humans. (Weird! But he would wait till he was held to poop. Crazy boy beardy!!) He was loved by my son and his siblings. Everything has been fine up until the past week. I assumed he was brumating, as some beardy's do, but within a few days he began to have labored breathing. We began to tend to him and treat him. His last night I made him a slurry with supplements to nourish him. We prayed over him and sung him songs. I prayed for him not to suffer anymore than he needed. I woke in the early morning to find him no longer breathing, and I wept.

Thank you Felix for being in our life. Thank you for the testament to a Creator who designed you and the fun of life, and the frailty of life. Thank you for thriving as long as you did. I am sorry for the illness you faced. We will miss you. 
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Thank you for sharing your beautiful story of Felix. He was a proud and beautiful Dragon!

You gave him so much love and happiness through his life, and you provided him with great care.

Felix will always live in your heart and will be waiting for you over the Rainbow Bridge.

You are right to be proud of your son! That is a wonderful thing!

My thoughts are with you and your family,
K. Unger
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I am so sorry you have gone through this loss. Your time was too short. I too only had 10 months with my kitty. It must have been to hard seeing him in the morning like that, expecially when you were trying so hard to get him ok. I think most of us can relate to that. I hope your family get through this period together.
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