i had my baby my bestfriend put down two weeks ago, and the pain isnt getting any better, i still miss him soooo much, silly things like talking to him, and giving him some of your food , it is sooo hard,

we had him 'put down' at home as he hated the vets, he was seriously ill, but like others i do think what if he'd of got better, he was 12 so was a old doggie, but that still doesnt hide the pain. it was a perfect way that he went if there was such a thing, he didnt no what was going on, and went peacefully, but that is the imagine that i keep seeing in my head, i cant think of the good times as it hurts too much, it was the most hardest thing that i have ever done.

i am writting this for bassett just so he no's that we let him go to rainbow bridge  so he wasnt in anymore pain and that we all still love him and will never ever forget him.

love you my baby my bassett
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So sorry faye for your loss of bassett, I no it is so hard to think of anything else than reliving that last moment with them as they are put to sleep We to had our retriever Winston put to sleep at home he hated the vets also, and wasnt aware of what was happening, he just carried on sleeping, Its been 6 months now since he,s been gone, its starting to get easier as im sure you will find, and you will be thinking of the happy times you had with bassett, they will always be with us Take care    Jan

J catt
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