I am so heart broken to find my 12 year old Bailey gone. 3 weeks prior his vet said he was in great shape and now he is gone with no warning. I keep thinking this is a nightmare and he’ll be there when I wake but he ismy. I have so many what ifs and crying spells throughout the day. It’s been 1week since his passing and I’m hurting more then even. Then I’m angry.Then guilt for going to work to come home to him gone. What if I could have saved him? What if I should have stayed home so he wasn’t alone when passing. And why? Why Bailey? I just don’t understand. He was my Bailey Bug that followed me everywhere in the house and outside. He NEVER left my side. I should have Stayed home with him. He wasn't ready to died yet.
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These are all the stages of grief you have to go through but it's easy to tell your beloved was lucky to have such a loving home, I feel your pain my little love was killed on Tuesday and grief is driving me insane 😫😭 you did everything right I'm sending you love ♥️♥️💖
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@ Mom2Bailey,

The what if's are the hardest. I too have found myself wondering what if I had done this instead of that, maybe my baby girl would still be here. I also didn't get to be with Ginger when she passed. I hate that I wasn't with her on her last moments and I wonder if she felt alone and scared. It's natural to have those thoughts and sense of guilt. Having a fur baby taken away from one day to the next is devastating. I know it's easier said then done but don't blame yourself. You offered Bailey a good life. We have to work on remembering the life we had with them. And now they are no longer in pain. We're here for you. For each other.
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  So sorry to hear about the recent passing of your beloved Bailey. You were a great Pet Parent and your love for him comes shining through. I hope that you will post here often and let us know how you are coping. There are a lot of wonderful people in this Forum who can help you on your healing journey. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Jim Miller
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