It's been almost 8 weeks since I lost my kitty Scotch. Last night I had a horrible nightmare that really upset me so I had to share. In the dream I had gotten another kitty, I was at the shelter and there was Scotch in a cage looking for a home. I remember thinking in the dream " Omg he didn't die, I gave him could I have done this" I wanted him back in the dream, the messed up part is he was looking at me with his sweet look like he used to.... picture posted on this post. Does anyone have any idea why I may have had that nightmare? I loved him so much and I would have never given him up! I miss him every day and I'm so sick to my stomach.

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First off, I'm so so sorry you have lost your Scotch.
Lost loves are so difficult, it hurts to even swallow.
I'm not a very smart one, but maybe the dream symbolizes that in a way he was given up sorta like sacrifice for another.
You loved and cared for Scotch so well; that it was time for him to give all of that to another lucky soul.
Like in honor of the deep love you have for darling Scotch.

From another still very sad pet parent.
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I am sorry about the loss of your precious Scotch.  It sounds to me like maybe you are sort of thinking of getting another kitty but you aren't ready yet.  After eight weeks, I was still too deep in grief to get another cat (and still don't have one).  But I felt the absence of a cat in the household.  Then I would think about getting another one and realize that I  only wanted my sweet baby Lenny cat back.  You want Scotch back and you are feeling the grief of his absence but he isn't there in a shelter waiting for you.  Perhaps the nightmare is telling you that Scotch isn't replaceable with another kitty like him.  If you feel ready to be a pet parent again, you will need to accept the different personality of your new pet.  I don't know your belief system but I believe my Lenny is happily playing at the the Rainbow Bridge and I hope Scotch is there with him too.
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Fortlauderdale 1984,
Scotch sure is a beautiful baby boy! Maybe Scotch was telling you that when you are ready to adopt another one, he will be happy for you. Our babies want us to be happy and he is telling you he is okay by the same look he would give you. Animals are such amazing creatures. If I still didn't have two left, I would be greiving so much harder. But these babies need me now too. I will never forget my baby boy and I am trying to honor his wishes by being happy. Some days it just doesn't work because I miss him so much.
I think your dream was a pistive dream. He was looking at you and letting you know he is doing okay now.
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Thank you everyone for your support.
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lexus sitting on me.jpg  There is a dream world. Our past animals we have loved, dead and alive are there. When you dream you can contact them sometime. Around October the veil separating these two worlds are thinnest.

My past animals are now coming to me just when I am about to drift off into a sleep. This Wednesday, when it was a rainy day, my dog who passed many years ago came to me. There was a loving reaction I had just once in her 14 years, and that reaction came to me in my mind. The next night, once again, she made a fun gesture she once made to me just for a moment. I know they are there. Animals don't use thinking so much, but emotions, feelings, reactions in memories. Of love.
our love baby
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Hello, I'm so sorry you lost your sweet Scotch. I lost my sweet Cassie 5mos ago. and some days it feels like it was yesterday. Your dream reminds me of when my Cassie first passed.  I was getting ready to climb into bed and all of a sudden I received a very vivid picture of an invisible wall and Cassie was on the other side of it crying for me very loudly.  I thought she wanted to come to me but couldn't. It broke my heart I just talked to her and said " I'm so sorry honey you can't come over here with mama.  It will be OK." Soon after that I found the rainbow site.  I know my sweet baby is not alone.  I have read about so many animals who have crossed over. I know she will make friends and not be in pain anymore. I pray everynight that she come to me in a dream. I want to feel her soft fur against my face and I want to hold her and kiss her even if only in a dream.  but it hasn't happened yet.
sometimes I swear I feel her little footsteps right next to me on my bed and feel her cuddle up next to the back of my knees because that was our routine everynight at bedtime for 15yrs.
I'm so grateful I found this site.  I don't feel so alone anymore. There are so many people here that I feel I can relate to.  I can tell Scotch was very special to you. Maybe he will continue to communicate with you.  I hope your pain of losing your sweet Scotch will lessen and your sweet beautiful memories will increase.

My thoughts are with you.          
Beatrice Eaton
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Hi stephanie

What a beautiful kitty Scotch was!! God bless him!

I think your dream is a clear signal from Scotch that you should go ahead and adopt a new furry friend. He is clearly telling you to visit an adoption centre as you are bound to find someone who would also make you happy just like Scotch did. I really believe that pets can go to any length to make their parents happy.

Go ahead and adopt a new little kitty. Scotch will be really happy for you and her/him.

Love and hugs
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Dear Stephanie,

"Dream interpretation" is just that. "Interpretation".  I agree with Tapati's comment above. Your dream signifies "Scotch" witnessing you adopting another cat and showing you his sweet demeanor, as you recognized, of his approval. He was a witness. Not a captive. He was present and telling you that it would be okay, if and when the time comes that you give another cat a home.

Ps. "Scotch" (with your approval) may have joined the "Orange Boys Club" over at the Rainbow Bridge, which consists of our handsome orange lads and 1 orange girl cat. It is actually quite famous globally now.

All my kindest regards & condolences,


Dear Beatrice,

There are theories related to what you described. That "Heaven" as we believe it to be, is actually another dimension. And yes, those who have crossed over to that dimension can not fully return. That sounds like what you experienced with your "Cassie."

Kind regards and my condolences,

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Thank you everyone for your support and help with this interpretation of the dream. I'm Grateful for all of your words and support.

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