On January 2nd, 2018 was the worst day of my life. My fiance and I tragically lost our pride and joy in such a painful and sudden way. My heart is torn from my chest. It's now a week later and it's still not any better or any easier.

Around the 4th of July we decided to get a puppy. She was 1/2 blue heeler and 1/2 mini Australian Shepherd. She stole our hearts right away. She was pretty shy the first day with her new parents but as soon as she knew she was at her forever home she showed us that dogs can and do have bigger hearts and personalities then humans. She was the most fun, lively, loveable pup. No matter what we were doing she was always happy. From riding hours in the semi with Dad to going camping and swimming she was happy.

Sometime in the beginning of October we moved from North Dakota where im from to Oklahoma where my fiance is originally from. Raeleigh and I both had a lot of adjusting to do. Such a different life style but it didn't take Raeleigh long and she fit right in.

Until a week ago, her and another dog named cowgirl who was like her best friend and partner in crime started raising hell outside the front of the house. I was inside cooking and my fiance was cutting firewood. He went to walk around the house the see what was going on but they stopped so he went back to doing what he was doing and all the sudden I heard him start yelling and throwing things so I come outside and the only thing I see is Raeleigh slowly and barely keeping herself her walking to the shed where the dogs played.

I ran up to her and all you could see was blood. I picked her up so my arm was putting as much pressure as possible on the gapping wound on her neck and carried her inside. Tried to see if it looked worse then what it was and we could patch it up but it was the complete opposite. It was 10 times worse then I ever imagine so I held her tight as my fiance's father drove us about 15 minutes to the nearest vet.

She stayed awake and alert as a puppy in her position could be the entire time to the vet so I was really having high hopes she would make it. Got her to the vet and I'll never forget how unbelievablely long they took to see her. I was in the vets examination room crying while holding her just praying they would hurry because I knew every second was life or death. They finally came and took my baby out of my arms and told me they would do everything they could and to call in the morning.

We didn't even make it home from the vets office and my fiance calls and said that the vet called and there's nothing they can do. He said it was a large k9 that did it and there was too much nerve damage. And they put her down. I'll never forget that feeling it is the worst thing in the world. I just started bawling. We got home and I made it inside to the floor with her puppy pillow infront of the fireplace and just cried and cried. Some evil giant dog came on our land for no reason and literally ripped out my puppies throat and left.

Losing her has hit me harder then any other lose I've ever experienced in my life. I still cry all the time pretty much all day. I still haven't washed the blood outta the shirt I was wearing when I last held her. I can't wash it because then she will really be gone forever and I can't deal with thinking about that. I miss her so so much.

I hope you know how much mommy and daddy love and miss you baby girl.
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I just read your story and I'm crying just thinking of it! Poor little baby. I am so sad for you too. This is such a devastating thing to have happened. I'm also surprised the vet took so long knowing how badly injured your Raeleigh was. I am sending you my deepest sympathy on your terrible loss!
Sharon XX
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Raeleigh's pictures are so beautiful! She was such a sweet puppy. So sorry!!
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Dear Raleigh's Mom

What a beautiful little girl, words cannot describe your loss, The pain of losing a family member can be devastating especially for new parents such as yourself, When we open our hearts to a new furbaby we soon realize how emtpy our lives had been Raleigh filled that emptiness with joy and unconditional love and to see her in such pain was unbearable for you and so the vet did what they had to do to end Raleigh's pain. She has crossed The Rainbow Bridge and now is free once more to run and play with many new friends her love for you has not diminished, That is her gift to you-too cherish and she will always be a precious little part of you, and you both will always be a part of her.

You opened your heart to her and that was the key to her everlasting life, without your love and support she may never have experienced the loving touch and care she so lovingly deserved, So grieve for Raleigh but let your tears be of joy that her pain and suffering are past......The heaven's are a little brighter tonight as her love shines down on the both of you, So don't worry she is in good hands and God bless you both for opening your hearts to her.

You did all you could of done for her and she knows this so grieve for Raleigh and let the healing begin.
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RALEIGH * NOT YELLING LOW VISION. PRAYERS FOR YOU IN YOUR LOSS IF Raeleigh. WE LIST OUR SPARKT 29 YR OLD BIRDIE COCKATIEL ON DEC. 27TH.2017. I understand how you do not want to wash the shurt. I have been unable to remove the sheet on our bed, or put away any of his toys bankues,and favorite warm receiving blanket cage and special chair covera. Take one day at a time and do not rush yourself. Prayers for Raleigh and your FAMIKY. HE IS IN DOGGY HEAVEN. I WANT TO SHARE PHOTOS HERE BUT CANNOT FIGURE IT OUT. WE CAN SET UP MEMORIALS DIE OUR BABIES AND LIGHT MONDAY NIGHT CANDLES. IT IS OVERWHELMING FOR US
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