The baby of our bunch - Luna, went to the vets this Monday morning for a routine tooth clean, we dropped him off in the morning and received a call around 11am to advise all had gone well, Luna was up and eating some dinner. We then received a call half an hour later to say he had collapsed and could not be resuscitated.
The vets say he may have had a heart attack, as heart problems can be an issue in Maine Coons, but we ensured he went for check ups every 6 months and he was always in good health. I did not want a postmortem as I just want him to rest, not be poked around. 
I feel awful that I'm the one he trusted the most but I'm the one who put him in his case and dropped him off Monday morning.
I am absolutely heart broken, it was such a shock and he was only 4, he should have been with us for so much longer. He was my baby he trusted me and followed me around like a shadow, he was the one I turned to when I was down, I suffer from a few mental health issues - I just don't know how I can cope without him. I can't stand to be in the house as his things are everywhere, but we have 2 other cats to look after.
I have lost many people in my life but this hurts so much more, the cats are my whole world.
Are there any other people who have been through anything similar? The vets told us this is very out of the ordinary to happen in such a healthy young cat.
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I am very sorry about the tragic loss of Luna.  You need to correspond with Living_with_tragedy (Tina) who has been dealing with this same issue for quite some time now and has taken various actions against the vet who was responsible.  You may have to go back several days to find a post from her or you can send a private message.

Unfortunately, these tragedies do occur sometimes and it makes recovery even more difficult than it already is. You are not the first in this group to face it--again unfortunate.  I hope that Tina can offer you some support and suggestions for actions you may take.
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Thank you for your reply Pannklaus, I have messaged Living_with_tragedy.
It’s just gut wrenching reading through everyone’s stories, it’s nice there’s somewhere people can come together for some support and kind words.
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Dear Laura,

Welcome to the Rainbow Bridge Forum, despite the unfortunate circumstances. I am very sorry for your recent loss and for what your beloved cat "Luna" went through.

Please know that you are not alone not only in your grief and sadness, but with your experience with your Vet(s.) I took my boy (a senior cat named "Marmalade") to 5 different Vet's (2 of those being supposed Animal Hospitals)( 4 Vet's in just his last year alone) after I adopted him 3 1/2 years ago. ALL either misdiagnosed him, or did not diagnosis him. All failed him. Like you I placed my complete trust in so-called "Professionals" and what I learned was many Vet's simply don't have a clue what is wrong with our pets and are winging it. So, so much can go wrong with them that as 3 Vet's I've seen quoted said: "You treat one thing it triggers another." Sadly it is often a complete crap shoot when we seek medical attention for our beloved's.

I first met Marmalade and began feeding him 4.2 years ago in the high desert country of New Mexico, where he had been the King of a colony of feral & stray cats. When I returned to Los Angeles, Ca. I could only take Marmalade with me as the other cats were far too wild and would have run away and Marmalade had chronic health problems that needed looking after. He was my best friend, my son, my brother, my only family, my love and my light. I have mourned his passing more than any human being I have ever known. I had to put him down 12 weeks ago tomorrow. This was following 2 surgeries at one of the Animal Hospitals, both of which had surgical complications. 

I have read of other cat's and dog's who went in for dental cleanings and passed away as a result. Some from the anesthesia used during the procedure. As Patsy pointed out Living_with_ tragedy is one of those individuals who lost their beloved. I am glad you messaged her. There was no way for you to know that you would lose Luna. It is often advised for pet parents to have their loved ones teeth cleaned at the Vet's. You were just trying to take good care of Luna. Unfortunately there may be hidden / unknown health conditions in our beloved's that might be a factor and it becomes a "damned if you do, damned" if you don't situation.

My Marmalade had dental extractions in the end, that only contributed to his decline, but all 5 Vet's said that his teeth and gums were an issue and needed to be addressed. It was believed he was around 13 years old, and I knew that the sands in the hourglass were running out for him. When a tooth fell out onto his breakfast plate, and he could not eat and walked away growling, I made the call to move forward with the dental surgery. It was a damned if I did, damned if I didn't scenario. Which many of us have sadly been forced to face.

I have found this forum a refuge from the outside World and a place where people truly understand the overwhelming feelings of grief, guilt, regret and sorrow and all of the emotions I (we) are coping with. There is an incredible amount of compassion, kindness, understanding, empathy, sympathy, warmth, wisdom, insight, support and yes, even wit at times from the members here. This forum has been a Godsend to me and countless others during our time of woe and heartache. I know it will be for you as well.

We are all with you in spirit during this dark and difficult time, and we hope and pray for you that you will heal up, and one day soon, will be able to look back at your time with Luna, with only smiles.

Kind regards & my sincerest condolences,

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I am very sorry for your loss of your precious Luna, your shadow. It's tragic to lose him so suddenly at such a young age. I hope your other cats and good memories can bring you comfort during this difficult time.

My condolences,
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Thank you James, I have read through your previous replies and you seem to be such a comfort to others, I'm so, so sorry for your loss - I completely understand the passing of Marmalade hurts more than that of any person you have known, I feel exactly the same, this is the most pain I have ever felt and I only hope the people on here are finding their way through these terrible, tough times.

I just find it so hard that he was such a happy, healthy cat, purring up to the point of being dropped off, to then know that he has just collapsed of a heart attack.
I know the vet advised Maine Coons can have heart problems, but he was only part, and we were not aware of this before his treatment.

I can't stand the thought of never seeing him again, giving him a cuddle or tickling his soft belly, I feel awful that at the minute I can't look at the thousands of photos I have of him because it's too painful.
Then you have all of their things dotted around the house, seeing them sparks memories that make you sad, but removing them would be just as hard.

Also, Jan - thank you so much for your support, I really appreciate it. I hope you are well?
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