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Thank you for your kind words. I have one other cat at home and two dogs. They are all wonderful pets, but don’t fill the void left by Baby. I rescued her when I was 9 and we had an unbreakable bond. It’s so hard.
I just happened to look up at my clock at work, and realized exactly 1 week ago I was in the vets office sobbing and making the very hardest decision of my life. I’m afraid to go home now, and I work in the hospital so you would think I would want to go home. I’m afraid of my own response to seeing her bed again, empty as it has been all week. I’m not ready to face that she isn’t coming home.
I am sorry we have to go through losing our beloved fur babies in this life. They count just as equally as our children, and no parent should have to bury their child.
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I worked in the medical field and my husband still does. He doesn't get too emotional, ever and I am his polar opposite. I lost my mom 2 years ago.He patted mt shoulder at her memorial service. I was alone in my grieving. My kids did not know her well. Before today, I was afraid to post that this is hurting almost as much. My mom lived in California, so after she passed, I just lived in complete denial. I pretended she was just far away still. It's the same denial that is helping me cope right now. I had to go home to California just last month for a loved ones 50 year anniversary party. I purposely took the long ways around and completely avoided the side of town my mother's house is in. I could not bare to see someone else living there. Just as I can't bare the empty places in my own home now. I don't want to just get another kitten, like my kids are encouraging me to do. No matter what kitty I picked, It would not be Jessie. Therefore it could not replace her. I think everyone has that one pet that just fits them. The one that knows when you are sad. The one that sits on the sink, while you blow dry your hair, swatting at the hair flying around. The one that talks to you. The one you seem to have an almost telepathic connection with. I felt your pain as I read your story. 18 years with Baby or 13 with Jessie, that length of time, makes them family members. I think people who think it's, "Just a pet" are completely bonkers. They are family, losing them can crash your at home support system. My Jessie has never snuck out, called me bad names, argued with me for hours, hassled me for money or cheated on me with another mommy. Animals give thier all to you and rarely ask for much in return. She lit up my world. I am sure Baby dowsed you with love and light. I love that she is kissing you in your photo. Jess would respond to the word, "kisses" by touching her nose to my lips. When my mom passed, Jessie physically licked the tears off my face. Each night I would pet her silky fur. (Her mom was a white Turkish Angora) Her coat was amazing. I would pet her until we both dosed off. My daughter gave me an extremely soft blanket, so I could pet it at night. It warms my heart that she is trying to help me when her young heart is breaking too. I hope you too find comfort among friends or family. I am happy to have found this site, I am sure if all of us met, our love for animals would make everyone fast friends. Thank you for sharing about your Baby. She looks like a real charecter. I love all calico kitties! She is stunning. I say "is" because she is not gone, she is just far away.....waiting for you. I think that still about my mom and i believe my Jessie awaits me as well.❤
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My dog still looking for the last one after losing all the others due to age. Sometimes unbearable the pain. I read one of the posts recently here and just lost it. Couldn't stop crying for an hour. Somehow crying helps to get pain out I guess. Hope helps you too. Just taking one day at a time. I keep looking for him too which can't help it. I try to keep low key for my young dog who has no company now while I'm at work.
One lady I know lost her little dog who jumped out the window and just got her back through strangers kindness. Her little seven year boy was so happy as she said I can't make him smile anymore as so sad. Now he has a great big grin. That made my day a little better.
Hope you are hanging in there too. May our tears be wiped away.
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There is a book that refers to that “once in a lifetime bond between a pet and a person” it’s called ‘ Heart Dog’ it’s speaks of that bond as none else can compare to. It was recommended to me, after trying other things and one other book, this just “fit”. I ordered mine from iBooks, it was under five dollars, about 68 pages. It doesn’t make it all go away, it offers insight to that bond and some therapeutic coping methods. It truly addresses this pain that you could never imagine, the devastation, and how it can surpass the grief of losing a person, even a relative. The author lost her dog, horrifically. She truly gets it. Maybe it will speak to you also, take care of you
Lynn, Tankie’s mom, forever
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Oh my girl... two whole weeks. I’m staring at your picture, and missing you so so much. I had you through everything good and bad. I hope you know how much I love you, how much you mean to me, and how much you are missed. I listen to a few songs pretty consistently that I feel relate to our relationship. You are my mommas girl. You always will be. It seems like people don’t understand how I can still be upset. “She is just a cat” “it’s not like you lost a child” “you can get a new one”. Well they are wrong. Yes, you are a cat but you are also my child. My first baby. You will never ever be replaced. I may get another kitty one day, but they will never take your place in my heart. I just love saving all the animals. My heart is still too broken to consider a new fur baby. Your absence is so prominent. The wound is so raw.
Your little brother will be here in less than 11 weeks. I hope you are ready to spend so much time watching over him. You would be the best big sister. I love you, Baby. Forever and always.
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