How to carry on when in the span of two months we lost both my 18 year old cat, Baby, and just a few hours ago we lost our sweet nearly 11 year old yellow lab, Leo. I feel lost and empty all over again and I only had Leo in my life for 6 1/2 years. My poor husband seems so lost without his best buddy. He had Leo all of his life, and to lose him so abruptly was devastating. We had Leo in the vet and emergency vet back in June where they discovered fluid around his heart and a mass on his right atrium. After a lengthy procedure, recovery time, and new medication he seemed to be doing so well and acting like his old spunky self. Last night (like 6 hours ago) he took a turn for the worse and began acting lethargic so we rushed him up to the emergency vet again to find out that not only had the fluid returned around his heart, but new fluid was building around his lungs. After being on oxygen for a couple hours he was back to playful Leo again, but we had already talked to the vet and decided on humane euthanasia. Having to let him go while he was back to acting so normal was excruciating. Several times I told my husband I was going to put the leash back on him and take him home, that they must have examined the wrong lab. Of course fear of taking him home and having him rapidly decline again won out, and we followed through with the original plan of action. Now I am laying in bed second guessing everything. The what if’s are keeping me awake along with Leo’s little sister Bella, who can’t seem to find him and cannot rest until she does. It’s terrible. Their relationship was so strong even though their age difference was so great.
Rest well, sweet prince. You really were the best dog around. So many people love you and are already missing you greatly. Keep an eye on us down here, and take care of your sister at the bridge. I’m so sorry you couldn’t be here to meet baby Jack in a few weeks. All my love.
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I am very sorry for your loss of Baby and Leo.  Words cannot explain the immense pain, the emptiness, the hollow in the heart.  I could tell that you loved Baby and Leo...I could "read" your pain.  You really wanted Leo to get better, I am sorry that it was not possible.  Sometimes their sweet bodies cannot take the suffering any longer.  
Your Prince Leo is free of pain and reunited with Baby.  You made "the decision", the hardest decision of all.  The decision every pet owner dreads.  

I know this pain is overwhelming, the what if's? are plain torture and plus the guilt.  But, please try not to let those last moments overshadow all those wonderful years spent with your Leo - such beautiful fur baby -  

Bella does not comprehend what happened. Comfort Bella, and let Bella comfort you.  Sending you hugs.
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I am so sorry about losing your sweet Baby and then months later your beautiful Leo. I lost 3 beloved pets in a 21 month period and I forever feel like I am grieving.  Please know you did your best for your Leo and I can tell by your post that you loved this boy to no end, he was so loved. I do know guilt always comes into play, we all wish we would have done something different or could have done something different, but then again we don't know what the outcome would have been either. 

You made the decision at the time for your Leo knowing that his health was declining and not getting better. Dogs have a great way of covering up pain, they always want to be happy and seem happy. Please know your Leo is on a new journey at the Rainbow Bridge with your sweet Baby...they are forever your angels and you will meet again.

As for lil' Bella keep reassuring her things will be ok, with alot of love and kisses and spending alot of time with her.

I am so sorry again for this happening in a close period of time, and please keep coming back and posting it does take away that alone feeling.


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I am so sorry for the loss of your Baby and Leo. It is never easy losing them, but when you lose 2 in such a short period is especially tough and earth shattering. I lost my 2 boys just one month apart so I feel your pain. Hang in there.
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