I don't normally post anywhere as I believe in having a private life, but felt like this was a moment to do so. I am struggling pretty hard with the loss of my bud, a beautiful chocolate lab mix who was a complete sweetheart. He was with me when I entered my adult life and left me on 2/27/2016. He was with me for a wonderful 12 years and I made the decision to have him put to sleep after he got sick and I couldn't help him recover. The most wonderful thing about this boy of mine, was the affection he showed my newborn children after spending no time around young kids the first 4 years of his life. He adapted to this huge change in his life like it was no issue and was so  understanding. I felt myself picking up over the past couple of days and then I got notice that his ashes were available. It hit me all over again. My wife understands my need to express my grief, but I haven't cried this much ever in my life. He was with me when I mowed the lawn, we went to the park together and played catch. He was with me every night. He was better than most human beings I have met in my life and I am forever thankful for our time together, but so upset that he is gone earlier than I would have expected.

Love you buddy! You have no idea what you helped carry me through and I am thankful to you! If you can see me somewhere, remember that!
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I'm so sorry to hear about your beautiful boy XOXO I completely understand your grief as I lost my beautiful boy of 15 years in August... My Wiley was my best friend and he was a cat so we didn't do the outdoors stuff like you guys, but inside the house we were completely inseparable I couldn't do anything without him by my side and I'm so lost without him. And you are right this grief is unlike any other the pain is unbearable. It sounds like Bud was not just a dog he was your best friend also. Nothing can ever fill that void but I pray that you find comfort in knowing he is in heaven waiting for you but until that day comes please know he is happy and whole again running around and laying in the sunshine and the warm breeze... Waiting for the day you will be reunited never to be separated again. That is my solace as my heart breaks over missing my Wiley. I'm grateful that you came to this site as I have found much comfort here. Please post often it really does help we are all of family here brought together by tragedy but this is a safe harbor for your broken heart because we all understand exactly how you are feeling and you can express any feelings without fear of judgement. I will pray that God heals your broken heart but I will tell you to take your time and grieve... Only your heart will know when it's ready to stop and in my experience it never truly does stop, it just finds ways to cope and adjust to this new normal... It's not an easy Journey my friend, but you are never alone.

Love, Stacie
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What a sweet relationship you had with your buddy and how sorry I am for your loss. I recently went through that most horrible experience of having to put my best buddy to sleep so when I say I know how you feel I truly do. I felt for days that my heart just couldn't stand it. Lab are such lovable,smart dogs and I know your life is sad right now thinking of all the many things you did and the pleasure he brought to your life. I think our ability to love our dogs so much says a lot about the kind of people we are and yes, your baby can truly mean as much or more than many humans. Time will help but the memory will always be there in the back of your mind. Not a bad thing, just sad.
joan bartlett
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Just want to add my condolences to what has already been said so beautifully.  I lost my Molly last Thanksgiving and it still is so fresh and RAW that I can't stand it.  You gave your baby a wonderful family to love and Labs are such loving dogs.  I am sorry for your loss, but I have to think, selfishly, that I am glad my Molly has such a wonderful playmate now.  Molly loved everyone and I know she was there to meet your baby.  Molly was 14 but I was NOT ready to let her go.

Take care and know that you are welcome here to express whatever you feel and we will understand and relate. 
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You express so well how I felt about my little Tsuk. You are right in every count, and that's what makes their passing so difficult. I've never cried so much either. I remember the morning after his passing, I just lay on the floor, crying while I looked at pictures of my friend. I could feel the immense pain Tsuk's absence brought on. It's a horrible experience in every way. I understand your pain very well, even though this isn't of any comfort to you right now.

I've written this many times in the forum, but crying, as painful as it was, helped me a lot. I felt the urging need to cry and would let myself do it without hesitation. The heart heals through tears, I believe.

I'm very sorry you loss your buddy. I hope you find some peace, but be patient with your feelings. And please don't hesitate to write again in the forum. You are among friends here.

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