So I have 2 dogs. One is a 3 month old Mini Aussie male named Blue and the other is a 3 year old Aussie x Husky female named Nixie. I have noticed some things going on that are a bit strange to me and I'd appreciate some advice.

About Blue:
1) I have never had a male puppy before. Is humping normal at only 3 months? XD
2) I notice he itches a lot. I know some of this can be grooming, but he sometimes itches his eyes and whines, and he scratches at his collar a ton.
3) This is something that is strange, convenient, and funny. We've been working on crate training him. We got him a water dish that attaches to the side so he doesn't spill his water (which was an issue with Nixie). But we noticed that he's been using it as a urinal instead. That's an entirely self-taught behavior. Has anyone ever heard of this? I think it's weird and kind of funny.
4) He's extremely food aggressive. How do we help with this? Nixie loves him and likes to bring her food and treats to share with him, which is absolutely adorable. But like today when she goes to take her bone back, he gets very aggressive. She backs off because she doesn't want to be in trouble with me, but she easily takes him down when she wants to because he's so much smaller. She's never been the type to back off, so I'm sure she's conflicted (she's new to this big sister stuff!). We've also had instances at the vet when they take back the lid of peanut butter they give him and when other dogs are around eating. He was in the middle in size of his litter, not a runt. He's generally okay with petting while he's eating. He takes one individual pellet at a time.
5) Blue is pretty skinny. I mean, we noticed that he's not a chunky puppy with the typical puppy fat, but then again neither was Nixie. We had problems when we first got him because he was having diarrhea a lot. We tried different types of foods and puppy formulas and it didn't seem to work. Right now he's on Blue Buffalo. We think we have it narrowed down to a specific treat we were giving him for his teeth (Greenies) because after we stopped giving him them everything was mostly solid. Any tips for a puppy's sensitive tummy?
6) Okay. He grinds his teeth on toys, and recently I heard him do it in his sleep. He's a power chewer for sure, but it's very obvious that it's his teeth grinding. Are there any concerns with this and any way we can help?

About Nixie: On Monday we lost our 16 year old female Artemis. They were closely bonded. Nixie had raised Ari out of a depression after her brother died. She was mostly blind, and Nixie helped out with keeping her where she should be. I know Nixie must be grieving like crazy for her. They've hardly ever gone anywhere without each other before. I know she must be lonely. I went to the barn to play with her and Blue, and she had dug a huge hole under the fence (she stays outside because she likes it. She is very unhappy inside the house and gets nervous). How can I help my baby girl cope? There is a cinder block covering the hole until we can fill it, but I don't want her to dig another one and slip out. She was pretty close this time. She's never been the digging type. (Ari dug during thunderstorms when she was scared and when it was hot so she could lay in them, but after we got Nixie that mostly went away.)

Any advice?
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Nixie is becoming increasingly anxious when she never has had problems before. Even the slightest change in weather will set her off. How do we help her?

Blue has gotten to the point where he's more excited over water than treats, despite us giving him plenty. He likes the cold water and tries to steal our water bottles (he likes to play with them too). Any other puppies have a funny thing they get excited over? XD
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