I've had my pitbull Nala for 15 years this year. She is just recently emaciated and slowly down and not the happy pitty I once new. My ex and I got divorced last October and she still is with him and our other pitbull Kona. I got her Kona for her to have a buddy. My heart is breaking. I took her to the vet Saturday and the vet said she clearly is depressed and not in her right mindset, bumping into things and pacing around, uncomfortable. They did a urine test and blood test. There is a slight amount of blood in the Urine but her red blood cell count is low and her liver enzymes are very high, an indicator of cancer. The next option would be a specialist which could range for $500-600 just to be seen and then to have a ultrasound photo of her stomach to see if she is bleeding internally and diagnose the cancer. She is suffering and I know I cannot prolong her life anymore. I am hurting so much, I was a Marine wife all of her life and she was my BEST FRIEND, my companion and I couldn't have done anything without her by my side. How do I say goodbye. How do I stop the tears. Please help me. My heart is shattered. Nala is my baby girl. 


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I am so sorry you are going through this agony with seeing your baby Naya so sick.  I also went through this with my Yorkie Lucy, 11 yrs old, and she was suffering also with liver cancer.  I couldn't stand to see her lose the weight, having diarrhea for 38 days, throwing up and then not eating.  It was the hardest decision I had to make.  I kept praying the meds would work and it was just bacteria but when the results came back cancer i knew it was time.  Someone said to me this is the last act of Love you can give your pet.  What ever you decide to do will be the right decision. I know how painful this is for you.  Lucy went to Heaven on Tuesday 4/29.  But i know that  one day you will reunite with your fur baby in Heaven.  Praying for you and Naya.  You have a beautiful baby.
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Thank you! I had a long talk with someone that I adopted my other pitbull from whom is 7 years old and her buddy. Her pitty has Renal Failure but is still happy and content for now. She really helped me on my decision and made light of things for me. Right now Nala is still eating, drinking and going to the bathroom and interacting fine with Kona. If she were NOT doing any of the things and could not function it would be so much easier to put her to peace. But right now I want her to still be able to live and be around the family for longer. When I can no longer see her suffer and know in my heart I am helping end her agony and pain I will do the ultimate act of peace and help end her pain. I was with her last night at my ex's house and spent time with her and she was pigging out and moping around. It made me feel a bit better. 

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Nala is so very beautiful! What a lovely girl with deep soulful eyes.
An Ultrasound exam would probably be able to find out if she has spleen tumours which can bleed, cause internal bleeding and lethargy etc.
Some dogs get minor bleeds from these tumours, and get through and have pretty good quality of life in between these 'slow bleeds'.
So sometimes, if it is a Hemangiosarcoma diagnosis, it doesn't necessarily mean they have to leave right now. But it does mean that for the rest of her life you would have to keep a very close watch on her for any changes, or any signs of internal bleeding. (Sudden lethargy, refusal of food, pale gums, rapid pulse, suddenly fatter belly.)

My own dog had Hemangiosarcoma, and did recover from one internal bleed (all supervised by the vet) I decided not to euthanize her immediately but see what happened, as she still was getting a LOT out of life. The crunch came when she had a massive bleed one night which didn't stabilize with rest, and instead got worse. Then I let her go.

But my vet told me that although there are no guarantees of course, some dogs can go for weeks or even months with minor bleeding episodes carefully managed, and have good quality of life in between. My Misty got a couple of weeks....but some get more time.

But all through that time I knew we were on 'Hospice Care'. It was not all sad and painful. Some of it was really beautiful, and brought us closer soul-to-soul.

An abdominal Ultrasound will not cost too much. Ours was £180 (don't know what that is in $) And to an experienced vet, it is easy to see the tumours and recognize them.

Removal of the spleen is a possibility though not a very practical one if the cancer is advanced. But sometimes if they are very strong, it can buy them a little more time. Vet's advice will help. Chemo drugs don't usually cure this. I opted against them.
Hold the love like a little light. It is all you have, or will ever have, to find your way home.

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Misty's life after death:
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Definitely do the abdominal ultrasound.  I did it for my girl who stopped eating and drinking.  It was only $380.00 at a specialty hospital in Des Plaines Illinois.  Maybe there are hospitals who do it for even less money.  I say "only" because my baby's life is worth so much more.  Having done that I was able to calm down because no cancer was found. 
Also, I learned from various sources that chemotherapy is much better tolerated by cats and dogs.  Some go into remission for years.  They also tolerate pain much better.  From what you described it doesn't sound that Nala's situation is hopeless.  It seems that you still have options.  The right diagnosis and then meds.  Good luck.
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