Please feel free to adapt this prayer in however way you wish.

My beloved (name of your pet),

While there are no words to heal my sense of loss, there is ever the deeper understanding of the Divine Plan from an all-loving Divine Father. "It was I, He whispers silently, "Who came to you in the form of your (name of pet). It was My Love you received from him/her, and My Love you gave in return." Many are the lessons, both learned and cherished, from a bond so deep--lessons that remain with us forever. And, many are the precious memories of a bond forged in mutual, unconditional love.

Now, (name of pet), roams joyfully in a realm that we cannot sense but is ever near to us. Although, his/her physical body has passed away, the love shared by souls is eternal.

My darling (name of pet), I shall miss you, but, my desire is not to hold you back, but only to tell you that my love and support are ever yours, and my prayers for your highest happiness. We shall meet again! Once more we shall laugh together, rejoice together, and share in the joy of God's love.

Through the sacred bond of pet and owner, (name of pet), continues on his/her evolutionary journey homeward, now freed from the shackles of physical form, and ready, no doubt, because of the very love shared in this life to progress to a higher life form. God wants His children to love everything as a part of him, and not to feel delusively that death ends all. The man or woman of un-attachment, who loves others as expressions of the Lord, understands that at death the dear ones have only returned for a breathing-space of joy in Him.

          Divine Father! Receive (name of pet), Thy beloved.
          Purify him/her in Thy perfect light and love.
          Grant him/her eternal freedom in Thee!

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