I'm a mess today.

I brought Delenn home yesterday.  I've been burning a candle for her every day and night since she crossed.  I thought having her home would help bring me some calm and peace.  I can't help but kiss the box she's in...but her prints in the plaster...that was the last thing she touched...and I hold on to that and press it against my chest...and just sob.  I want to find some comfort but right now...that port is long way off.

Like all of us here, I so very wish I could have my fur baby back.  I'm hoping this is just a squall line and not another storm I'm going to have to fight through.

Well gang...back to the trenches...well...an attempt to anyway.
Stephen "Riceman" Myers
"The greatest tribute one can give a loved one is to share their life and stories with others."

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Stephen......You have Delenn home now and she will never leave you again (ever), that's a good thing.  If you want she can go anywhere with you!  You can hold her for as long as you want.  You will feel better (one day).  If you feel it might help, join us on Monday for the candle lighting (if you haven't already).  It only last a half hour and you will not be alone......If nothing else, someone is always here for you........................danzey   
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Danzey....You are so right.  Our babies will NEVER leave us Again.  My Winston is back in HIS HOME with me now, NEVER to leave me ever.  I take comfort knowing this.  I have my MAX (my little boy) here with me too. Winston was only a few months old when He and Max met.

But I know now they are together now over the Bridge, as they are in OUR HOME, all three of us together.  Mommy Loves you two beautiful babies.  Mommy XOXOXO
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Likewise, the beauty of our Molly is back in a rightly dignified beautiful urn but I tell her she is in my heart and soul and comes everywhere with me. I talked to it at first but then thought I can talk to her anywhere and I do. The spirit of our babies is with us.
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