..is dying of this horrible FIP virus; the
Vet doesn't give me any hope as this is a
fatal disease and no cure has been found yet. He cought it from Sasha his playmate
(I adopted both of them in November thinking they were siblings). He’s clinging to life, purring and licking me, but doesn’t want to eat; once in while he eats 4/5 kibbles and he lost a lot of weight. It breaks my heart to see him, the shadow of himself, and I don’t think I can
take him to be euthanized yet as he doesn’t
serm to be suffering. I have no energy, spend my time cuddling with him and
cannot let him go! How long is this ordeal going to last?
Devastated Danielle
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Danielle, I'm so sorry you are in this situation, my heart breaks for you. I've never had a cat with the FIP virus so I don't have any help for that. But, deciding when to let them go is so difficult, so many of us here on this forum have been through this stage. I kept asking my vet when would my wife and I know that it is time to let our dog Nicky go (CHF disease), he would just tell us 'you will know'. It was so difficult, one day would be good, the next bad, and so on. Finally, I knew that his quality of life had gotten to the point that he was ready to go, it was just a feeling, I think he was trying to tell me it was time. They can hide their suffering so well that it is hard to see. I think all you can do is watch them closely, if they began to show pain or the lack of eating begins to make them so weak it becomes too difficult for them to do the simple things, then it might be time. It is a very personal decision, no one knows your fur angel better than you. I am so sorry, I offer my prayers and thoughts to you and your kitty. 
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Dear Danielle,
This is incredibly hard for you and so very painful. I would suggest you talk to the veterinarian because animals "will" suffer in silence. If he has lost weight and is not eating there is a good chance that he is suffering. Animals who are feeling well will eat. I don't think you would ever want your last memories to be of your dear boy suffering. It may be time for you to do the bravest thing and take him in to the vet and let him go. If you do you can stay with him of course and even hold him so he can drift off peacefully. When there is no hope and your baby won't eat I really think it is time. I know you have no energy and are exhausted so it is so hard for you to think. I am giving you my opinion in hopes of helping you at this terriblly hard time. This is what I would do if this were my precious kittie. Danielle, you have my deepest sympathy. I know you love him very much. Please write again to update how things are and also how you are doing and feeling.
All my best to you, Sam
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