I'm so happy to see people who write about pet loss, who truly understand it....who share how deeply and profoundly we grieve over our babies.

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I agree - this forum doesn't criticize, doesn't tell you that it was 'only' a dog/cat/rabbit/etc.

I find it difficult to deal with those who have had pets, but never had a true connection with one. Whilst their mouths move, they say nothing to understand what you feel or just reveal a cold side to their personality.

I found more solace from talking to friends, even those who never met my boy, but were moved from being told stories about him over the years.  

I truly understand now why a friend of mine was always at the point of tears whenever she spoke about her french boxer that she lost years ago.  She did get another dog eventually, not long after I showed her a video of my boy playing fetch in the garden - she noticed he was really happy.
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This forum is the only place where I feel I can express my grief without getting the look or being told, he's only a dog. In the beginning I had a few supportive family and friends but after this much time they think its over. It's been ten months for me and my heart is still empty, I honestly don't know where I'd be without my forum friends.

Take care,
Jonancy...Scooters Mama
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Jonancy, my little Brownie looked just like your Scooter. I just lost her last night. I wasn't expecting this and I'm lost in grief.
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My bird Charlie was euthanised last week.. The amount of people who don't understand how I can be so upset over "just a bird" is irritating.

He wasn't "just a bird" he was my family and there for me through some very tough times when I had no one else.
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