I had been waiting for a nice warm breezy day so I could take Boomers ashes up to flood wall down by the river since that is where we went all the time up until he started moving slower & getting older. He loved running & zig zagging up & down the hill , of course after so far he'd look back to make sure I wa still there. I LOVED jus watching him run. Besides me that was his fav thing in the world to do. So I went to my buddies house who owned his sister Cotton. I took somee of her ashes & I also put some of Boomers in w her so my buddy could have part of him too. So I left & went to the park where the flood wall is & went to the top & started walking where we used to go & started throwing small handfuls up in the air so the wind could take him. Cotton went w us sometimes so I put some of hers up there to. It felt really good. I came home & spread some in my backyard & the field behind my yard where we spent alot of time. I spread Cotton also, just let the wind carry them away. There's a spot down by the creek that we go & follow that to another open field, the field that we went to the day before I lost him where he was acting like a puppy again. He loved it back there, so did cotton. So as I was walking & throwing ashes in the air a red cardinal bird flew in front of me & perched up on a limb for a few seconds then flew off. I have heard before that cardinals are signs & I'm hoping that was him giving me another sign. I tell him every nt be for I go to bed how much I miss him & how bad my heart aches to jus hold him & love on him. I'm hoping he's telling me he's ok .I didn't spread all his ashes, I kept some & also put cotton in w him. I told my mom that if something ever happens to me I want to be cremated & I want his ashes w mine. has anyone heard or experienced anything w a cardinal bird before? .................I posted one of my fav pics of him w the glare of the tv shining down on him, makes me feel like its heaven shining down on him

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Dearest BoomBoom - I also read that cardinals are often used as spirit signs because of their bright red color. Not that all cardinals are signs, but when one appears at the moment a loved one is being spoken of or thought about, it could very well be a “Hey I’m right here!” So I think Boomers was telling you that he was with you and that he is OK. 

Love the photos of your precious Boomers. It does look like heaven is shining down on him. He was a beautiful boy and I am sorry for your loss. Warmest hugs.
Denise (Brutus' Mom)
Brutus von Dolce
06/19/2006 - 03/16/2018
RIP my sweet beautiful boy
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