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I totally understand what you're going through and even though I've had a strong belief/Faith all my life in God, and have lost animals in the past, I've never worried so much until my lil soulmate Ginger passed 7/4/16. I had her 12 yrs and we had a connection, I could never fully explain in words. I worried so much about her spirit, I'd say the 1st 3-4 weeks after she left me, because i believe if she had a choice she would have stayed with me. Right after she passed, I started researching about pets going to heaven. I wanted to make sure she was alright. I read mixed things but now i choose to only read what helps me and is in line with my belief. That there is a heaven and that since God created animals, then surely He will have them in Heaven waiting for us. If you want me to private message you with some articles that truly helped me, just let me know and I'll copy the webpages for you. If they don't gp along with your beliefs, as we all have different beliefs, then I totally understand. Either way, I wish you peace in letting her go. It doesn't mean you will ever forget her. A love bond can never be broken. I call it accepting what is. I still have meltdowns, even last night, some days I can accept, sometimes an hour will hit, where i cannot accept she's gone. Grief is very confusing but we love our pets so strongly so it makes sense. I know that if anyone deserved heaven, my Angel did and I am sure your Angel's spirit is doing just fine, out of any pain, and wants you to be happy.
Denise (Sweet Ginger's Mom)
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I felt the same way about my sweet cat--we had a connection I couldn't explain. I was the only one she really bonded with in her short, precious life. In some ways, that makes me feel really special and honored. I was the only one who could really comfort her. I was the only one she followed around the house, and she wagged her tail when I would call her name and would walk over. She would comfort me when I was sad or sick by putting her paw on my arm and licking my face. My husband said she was the cat version of me. We had the same ailments and temperament. After she passed, like you, I started researching about where animals go. I still don't know, and being agnostic, I'm not sure about heaven (was raised Hindu, actually). But I do know some things for sure--I gave her the best possible life I could. We had a lot of happy moments together. I tried to minimize her suffering the best I could. She loved me and I loved her. There will never be another cat like her. She was one of my best friends, and vice versa. I find some comfort in these things. These things are things I know for sure.
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There are so many beautiful posts in this thread. I've found such great comfort in reading through it. 

I can relate to many of you. I personally don't really believe in any sort of afterlife. It's not something I'm ruling out but I'm also a bit more on the agnostic side and don't truly believe in one. However, I still can't help but be worried about my recently departed Tammy. She was also the sort of cat that only bonded with me. She wouldn't let anyone else near her. I was hers and she was mine. However, since she was put to sleep last week I've found myself worrying sick that she is okay and that she isn't scared or lonely. She was such a sweet, innocent soul who never really grew out of her kitten phase and didn't know how to do much of anything on her own.

We actually have to move within the next few months and I'm terrified that if there is a spirit world that her spirit will stay behind when we're no longer here. She was born in our old house and we moved to this one a few months later so it's really all she knew. I hate the thought of her all alone in my empty bedroom after we leave. I hope wherever we go that she stays with me. Our connection was strong enough that if such a thing exists that I believe she will. 

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Hi BananaBear, you sound like a wonderful cat mama. What's been helping me a bit is the idea (from one of the posters in this thread), that it's good to focus on the here and now. I was fixated on what happened to my sweet cat in the afterlife (unknown to me) instead of focusing on what I know to be true, beyond a doubt--that I loved her and she, me; that I gave her a beautiful, loving life and did everything I could for her. Somehow, focusing on the things I know to be true gives me much more comfort than focusing on the unknown. Also, since your baby is so connected to you, through your heart, she will be with you wherever you go. She will always, always be a part of you.
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I have felt the same way after losing a pet. We devote so much of our lives to them and that doesn't just go away once they're gone. My heart aches for you, take as long as you need to grieve <3
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Hello Parents of the wonderful Pet Kingdom
such wonderful words of wisdom in these posts.
Everyone's experience of losing a pet is different, and there is no guidebook or right way to do it. 
Telling the story of your beloved in this forum, is a way to help heal.  There is no judgment or criticism here.
I can also tell you that honoring your pet in some way, also helps. I have started working with a Pet rescue group and yesterday, at an adoption event, the dog
I was handling got adopted! I can also tell you that after the event, I cried all the way home.

May you find comfort and peace this evening with your Beloved.

Shelby's Mommy Deborah

November 4, 2000-August 29, 2016
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I am not worried for my loved one.  I know he is at peace, and is doing well.  I just miss him terribly.  I don't think the ones who leave us suffer at all. They are doing well. It is us that suffer, that feel the loss.

I am sorry for your loss.  It is never easy.
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