Our best girl, "Olivia" has been DX with mammary carcinoma.  She's had a radical mastectomy and subsequently had two large, high-grade malignant tumors removed.  Adriomycin hasn't worked.  They are starting her on new regimen tomorrow.

I guess we shouldn't be so sad after reading some posts here. 

She still has a zest for life and a will to live, but she is getting worse.  She's been diagnosed for about 6 months now and endured sugery and treatment better than expected.  I have heard story after story of people who found out one day, and the next day it's "we have to put him down".  It's a tough thing to go through when your pups are your life!

Does anyone have first-hand experience with a similar treatment regimen?

Wishing you all and your pets well.
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