I lost my 13 year old Border Collie, Julie, to kidney disease on April 11th this year.  I stil don't understand what happened to her, she was fine around her birthday in March, but then she started going downhill very quickly to the point she could no longer stand on her own or walk more than a few steps before collapsing. Blood work showed her kidney and liver levels were really bad and we had to give her subcutaneous water every day as she was not drinking. Got to the point where she had no quality of life any longer and could not stand at all. We knew it was time. It has been over two months and I have not recovered at all, still breaking down every day and crying.
Last night I had a dream that I was walking Julie down a very busy street. She was not on a leash and as we walked along, she kept drifting further and further away from me. I would call to her and she would come back to my side but then continue to drift away until somehow, she was on the other side of the very busy street. I called and called to her but she seemed not to hear me.  Finally, she responded and began to cross back across the busy street towards me. Cars were going by and not slowing down but she made it to the median and I yelled to her to sit and stay over and over again, I ran towards her across the street but for some reason she kept getting further and further away. I was in panic mode, yelling to her to stay, but next thing I new I was awake and shaking all over.    
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sorry for your loss. If i was to interpret your dream, i'd say you had a visitation from her (if you believe in the after life), she is letting you know she is always nearby in spirit, even though it feels like you are apart. 
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I'm very sorry about your Julie. I've had 2 dreams so far since my dog passed. The 1st dream, my dog came back to life after I thought he was dead. The 2nd dream, some people came and took my dog and said they were going to cure his cancer. Later, they came back with my dog all healthy again and his cancer was gone. I was happy and thought they were going to give my dog back to me. Instead, they told me they wanted to keep my dog for themselves. I kept fighting with these people to give me my dog back but they wouldn't give him back.

I believe my dog is trying to tell me that he's alive and healthy, but that he can't come back to me in physical form.
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I lost my beloved Border Collie last September. She was 18 years old. To date, I have not had a dream about her but my mind is on her each and every day. My grief is still very strong. I can certainly appreciate your love and affection for your beloved Julie. I am not an expert on dream interpretation but from what I've read dreams are your subconscious mind's way of trying to resolve inner conflicts (grief is an inner conflict) with your waking brain.It's an internal healing mechanism of sorts.While they are perfectly normal and healthy, dreams can be a source of distress, especially in light of the loss you have suffered. I sincerely hope that days ahead are better for you and your memories of Julie are ones of positive affirmation.

Yours in the magnificence of the Border Collie,
Jim Miller
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