Hi i have an 8 year old rottweiler who is slightly overweight.Last sat night she just collapsed totally out of the blue and remained unable to breathe she went into a type of "coma" where her eyes were glazed over her gums became cold,her feet were cold and i thought she was close to death,after 2 hours and waiting for the emergency vet to turn up she just seemed to snap out of it!! since then she has been unable to hold down fluids or food and has been hospitalized during the day on a drip and coming home at night.The vets are stumped as to what happened or is wrong!!! though her blood tests are showing kidney damage,she had not ingested anything or eaten anything she shouldnt have before the collapse.I am beside myself with worry as i feel that she will have to be put to sleep as there seems no answers if anyone has had this sort of experience or any knowledge i would be extremely grateful,thanks   

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