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My cat Sola was just diagnosed with transitional cell carcinoma on Friday.  He is 17 years old and has a multitude of issues - IBD, CRF, high blood pressure and atrial septal defect.  But all of these have been controlled on medications, fluids, diet, etc.  He was just at the vet a month ago for his semi-annual senior profile and got a CBC, biopchemical profile, physical exam and urinalysis.  Everything was fine.  Then on Thursday I saw a little drop of blood when he peed.  I took him in thinking he had a UTI.  After the culture came back negative, the vet recommended an ultrasound.  That's when they saw tumors everywhere.  After seeing the tumors, she said he had weeks to month to live.  He's not a candidate for surgery and the radiation and chemo would most likely kill him as he has so many other issues.  The vet recommended piroxicam (anti inflammatory) but then after a renal panel she said he is no longer a candidate for that as his kidney values have gone up just since last month.  I'm still in shock and not sure what to do.  I've heard that bladder cancer is painful, but my cat Sola doesn't seem to be in pain.  Does anyone have any advice?

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The hardest part about bladder cancer is how FAST it goes. It's like you barely have any time to wrap your mind around the fact that your fur baby is even sick and then they're gone. I lost my cat to bladder cancer and I miss her every day.
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