Its been three days ,since I had to put Shebba to sleep, last night was just as hard for me as the first. I probably only slept three hours, I kept tossing and turning , crying everytime I openned my eyes. I still wait for her to jump into my bed. Patting the bed for her to curl up next to me. Air petting her, waiting for the wonderful purrs she sang me to sleep with. Mornings, I wondered around the house still seeing her.  Today, will be the first time I left the house since that horrible vet visit. I fear I might start wailing in public and people will stare at me, and think I'm crazy.  How heartbroken am I.  She was my world. And she is gone.  I can't stopping thinking about everytime
I yelled at her for soiling my comforter, pillows or the floors over the past few weeks of her life thinking it was just old age. Not knowing what was truly going on with her .
I miss her so much, I can't stop crying. 
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((Michelle)) first I send you continued prayers of healing and comfort in your loss. 
It is hard to loose a furbaby our hearts grieve just as we do in the loss of a person. 
I know it seems as though your heart will never be able to smile again but it will and so will you.
Death is a terrible hurt but the love we shared with our babies is so much stronger, it is the golden cord that can never be broken. 
Please hang in there and try to know that your baby knew you did everything you could and that you will always send your love to heaven just as our babies send us love down here. 
May you find comfort in this place it is a true place of understanding and healing.
Hugs and continued prayers of healing
Debbie Princess, Kaizer and MAddie's mom
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 Thank you, Princess.  

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