My Hudson crossed over the Rainbow Bridge last Tuesday in her momma's arms. 😭

If you all remember, I had adopted her 2 weeks after Sylvester passed. Hudson was only with me for 3. 5 years. It is so devastating to lose her so soon. This was unexpected. 

What I thought was her asthma turned out to be heart failure and the cost to her to try to manage that along with all her other conditions was too great in my opinion. I felt that the right thing to do for her was to make sure she wasn't sick anymore and prevent what would have been, for her, a life of misery going back and forth to the vet constantly for checkups, tests, bloodwork and procedures. Especially considering that there was absolutely no guarantee she would even stabilize and recover.

Hudson and I knew the moment we each saw the other that we belonged together and I truly believe that even today's events were part of the reason she was meant to be with me...someone who not only accepted her and loved her unconditionally but who also had the strength to do what she needed me to do for her when it was time. I just wish it wasn't time already but Hudson was only ever going to have these few years left and so The Universe, in its wisdom, knew exactly where - and more importantly - who she needed to be with to have her best life ever before she left this earth.

I am so honored and humbled to have been chosen by this sweet little soul. I loved her SOOOO MUCH. My heart has broken and I'll spend weeks mourning her but it was so worth it to have known this little girl's love.

Be well everyone and kiss and hug your babies. 💔

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What a beautiful heart goes out to you.

Ellen x
Ellen Hague
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I'm so sorry for your loss of Hudson, she was a beautiful soul,

The time we spend together with our little furry ones forms such a bond, touches us and makes such a difference in our lives whether its just a few years or many. When the time comes we have to say goodbye or make the painful decision to end their suffering and not prolong it is truly heart breaking and hurts so much. Your little one knew what you did for her you did because you loved her. You gave her a good loving home and life for the time you were together and she knows this and also that you were with her at the end and you made a difference in each others lives.
I know the feeling well as six months ago I went through the same experience with my 16 year old buddy Albert, my big black cat.
They take a piece of our hearts when they go but they're spirit is always with us in our souls where they leave their paw prints.
After your grieving and the pain and tears ease up a bit I hope you can take a little comfort and remember the good and happy times with her.

My deepest condolences,
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