Buster was a 9 year old mutt (with some pit bull in him, which was obvious.) I adopted him at 8 weeks old, a divorced mom with two young kids, willing to take the runt. I was trying to find a way through hard times by increasing the love in our house. I'm a dog person, so Buster was my sixth dog and the first to have the devastating diagnosis of hemangiosarcoma.

Buster became my son's personal therapy dog, enriching our lives through humor, devotion, and a guileless love of life. Looking back I realize he was probably showing signs of this dread cancer 10 months ago. He was diagnosed after an abdominal ultrasound and pts a week later. We are stunned, shocked, and utterly heartbroken. 

I know that time will dull the pain which is still so fresh. While it was so very hard to watch my sons experience the death of Buster, I am deeply moved by his loyalty, his sweetness, the everything he left us with. I just needed to tell my story here, with thanks to all who read it. buster.jpg 

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What a handsome boy! I am so sorry for your loss and there is no silver lining with such a tragedy other than that he knew nothing but love for years. The sharpness of the pain does dull over time but the empty spot they leave doesnt. Love is kind, love is patient and love is a dog.
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I too lost my last baby to this same thing. We drained the sack around her heart one time but were told each time we did that was very hard on the dog. So we made the decision when she crashed again, we would let her go to rainbow bridge. This was in January and I'm in tears typing this still. We still miss her so much as does her sister who has never lived  a day without her before this happened. She was 13. I am sorry for your loss.
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Dear Buster 13,

I am so sorry for your families loss. I lost my boy in April and I still cry also.
I chose to get another dog as my little jack was so lost without him. He has warmed up to the new puppy but when I cried the other day thinking about him both dogs came and laid close by.
I hope your pain doesn’t last too long .. and again, I am so very sorry.
I’ve had dogs my whole life (other pets too) and one never replaces the lost one .. I said I definitely wasn’t going to get another dog but I did ..
I pray for your family to heal .. best to you and hugs.
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