My little Dusty, I'm so sorry that you're not here with me anymore. You will never leave my heart, ever. It has now been just over three years since I lost your unconditional friendship and companionship. I still remember the day I bought you home as a little kitten, I was 15. Another little buddy has entered my life this summer. He literally ran into my arms when I found him as a stray. He was crying, begging for me to take him home. I took this as a sign from you and as a gift from God, who knew I was struggling without you, to still love another animal. I still love you, Dusty. I hope you'll be there when I die, along with my other family members who I miss terribly. I'm still going to stop by here and maybe say hi once in a while, if that's okay with you. ❤
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I still memorialize a very special cat I lost December 4, 2011. You never DO forget. Someone here posted a link to a TED talk that spoke of "moving forward" with grief instead of moving "on" from it:

Watching it helped my grieving over Diego, who passed away December 10th. Now I shall memorialize two special cats each December.

The other thing that has helped (also posted by someone here...the support in these forums is just absolutely amazing. Thank each and every one of you.) is the "ball in the box theory of grief". Google it.

One last note:  I've mentioned that my heart is large enough to hold many loves - each of us has a heart big enough to accommodate the Grand Canyon (at least).  Congratulations on finding your new love!

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This was my first Christmas without my Cassie.  I miss her so much.  I am so happy you found your new love.  Sounds like he found you. It is so special when they claim you that's when you know its really meant to be.  I adopted a new kitten that is about 6months old. But, is still young and wants to play more than cuddle. When I take her for a walk around my house my neighbors cats always come and visit.  I asked my neighbors if I could give them treats. They said "ok".  I feel sorry for these cats(2) because since they have had a child the cats are not allowed in the house anymore. They do leave the garage door cracked so I know they can come in out of the rain and cold.
The other day one of them ran into my house.  I could not believe she just cuddled up on my chest and slept. I so much want to just keep her in my house and love her.  But, I know she is not mine. It broke my heart to have to put her out.  two or three times a day I find her laying on my front porch and I take my cat out and we all go for a walk and I give them all treats.  I feel like this little cat is claiming me but I can't have her.  So in the mean time I will just love them both.

Happy New Year and I hope you have a wonderful time with your new kitty.

Cassie's Mom 

Beatrice Eaton
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