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Last year I had to put Teddy Bear to sleep due to bloat.  I was distressed.  I felt guilty.  I went to the web for answers.  Somehow I got on an Animal Communicator's web page.  Dr. Agnes Thomas helped me, with her help the guilt was removed.  She mentioned the Rainbow Bridge.  It brought me some comfort.  she also discussed previous pets that have passed over.  I put Taffy, Tiger and Leroy to sleep and Cuddles and K.C died of natural causes.

On Friday morning I had to put Matty to sleep.  Granted she was old (maybe 15 years old), but the massive seizures took their toll on her as she had dementia and her back legs were getting weak.  I just happened to get an Angel Reading by Angel Lee (website and EBay seller angels talk 2 me) a few weeks earlier and asked her for help.  She told me that Matty was whole again and there was nothing to forgive as she is well now.

These two animal communicators help start the healing process.  I am still numb with Matty's passing and that too will fade with time.  Just be patient with yourself.  Don't let anyone tell you how you should feel and the time line.  You will never forget those loves of your life.  Taffy has been gone for 35 years. 

Don't feel that seeking help from professionals or support groups.  You are not alone and there are people out there to help you.  Animal lover are a special group.  And you are a member of this group. 

My heart and thoughts are with you.
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