I have to get something off my chest.  The last two days I have been looking into shelters, ads, and rescue sites for another dog i can help and give my love to.  I am Astounded, shocked and angry at the prices they want for adoption!!!!! In my area, it is anywhere from $150-$400!!!! I am on Disability, and I don't have that kind of money. Don't these people realize that some people want to help, save and Love one of these poor unfortunate dogs? There are applications, home visits, Vet consults......etc. I dont mind any of those, but the price is out of my reach. I would treat any animal the way I treated Winston, as my CHILD. I feel they should NOT charge so much, but be relieved that some poor animal is going to a LOVING home, and not be so concerned with the money. I would love to get anyones feedback, good or bad   Thank You
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Hey winstonsmom. I am friends with a foundation here in my hometown. The reason they put such a high price on the adopted pets is really just to filter the bad seed coming to get a dog to breed, or be fighting bait. That is what he says anyway. However, he said that they will work with people like yourself to get an animal in your home. Ask them, they will work with you im sure. Good luck!
Hogans Daddy
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susan, I agree with both you and Hogan's daddy since unfortunately I realize that most people these days in rescue work equate adequate adoption funds with the ability to properly care for the animals.  however, being on disability also and having need of a service dog again the one thing that keeps me from even submitting an application is the adoption fees (especially, it seems, for purebred aussies).  as a former akc conformation competitor I would love to get a dog from a reputable aussie breeder but seems they are now asking upwards of 1200 to 1800 per pup and they do not state they differentiate between the cost of a show prospect vs pet.  rescues want 350 to 500 for an aussie and so i'm sure many like us don't even attempt to submit an application.  the last thing we need in our situations is some callous person believing they are judge and jury saying "you aren't acceptable".  however I can't find it in my heart to be angry since I know what it takes to rehab an animal, train them and just feed them so the amount does make sense to me in a way.  I made sure roxie and tae have had their years with me wanting for nothing - they came before me and when they needed to see a vet they were taken so I know how you took care of Winston as well.  I just pray to God that eventually he can spare an aussie again to send me to care for and who will learn to help me through my days.  life sometimes really stinks, but it goes on regardless.  many many hugs and I hope that some compassionate rescue agencies might just read our plight because we are great caregivers for our canine friends.
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If you are looking for a specific breed try contacting REPUTABLE breeders (found on breed specific websites) as sometimes they have a retired show dog or pet quality dogs that need a home.  
I agree with you that "dog rescue" has become a big business & I question why the prices are so high.  If you are looking for a mixed breed I would go to a city shelter/humane society as they usually have the best price & include spay/neuter, vaccinations & health guarantee.

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that is about the rate, even higher here in Northern New England areas....adoption rates were anywhere from $250 to $700...all of the pets are spayed, microchipped, all shots, etc...and most of the shelters are non profit. Alot of these rescues have to feed these pets til they are adopted and that adds up to alot of money.

I myself, find the prices i listed above as reasonable, after knowing what is taken in to keep these animals alive and fostered til when and if they ever find a home.

I know "walk in shelters" are sometimes at the lower rate, of say $200 but its hard to find any pet for less than that, unless they are older or have been in the kennels for years.


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I did the same thing looking for another beagle for a companion and seeing that we would be giving another dog a forever home, but when they told me here in mass its anywhere from 200- 400 dollars I said we cannot afford that kind of price. Here in mass you can buy an akc registered beagle for 250.00.
The shelter prices are crazy.
david gaspari
David R. Gaspari
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There are ALOT of shelters charging outrageous prices.

I know a guy here in Ohio who breeds Border Collie/Aussie Shepard mix dogs (and loves every one of them). His rates are really cheap, and the dogs are beautiful. Anyone wants info, let me know.

Yeah if they are charging that much, and you got the money, GO FOR IT! But it seems to me what they have themselves is a dog addiction, and we're paying for the fix! My rescue doggie is really cheap, so I'm going to bring a truckload of hay for them to use in the kennels, and some other stuff too. 


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