Ana Ng and I were always inseparable. We were partners in non-crimes, as we have always been non-violent and somewhat strangely introverted and extroverted. She was my true angel. When I recently went to a pet psychic and gave her a lock of Ana Ng's hair, she held it tightly and told me that Ana Ng hung on for me. I had not told the psychic that I fractured my coccyx and bilateral pelvis two months ago and that I'd been in sheer agony for almost two months. My precious girl hung on to be with me while I was in the darkest stages of pain. I miss her so much! She was my angel.

My love goes out to everyone here who is experiencing loss and grief. We can make it through together!

K. Unger
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That's true love she had for you, beautiful ❤ xxxxx
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She was a beautiful girl inside and out. Thank you for sharing your experience with the pet psychic.

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So sorry for your loss and for your pain. I have a lot of body pain as well and I know how hard it is..Animals know when we need them the most and she hung on for you..that was her gift of love to you.  She is all around you. I too saw a pet psychic and she told me things about Maddie that I had completely forgot and remembered only after she talked to Maddie... Sending you love and prayers...Judy linn
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Dear Katie, 

Thank you for sharing that beautiful photo of you and your cat Ana NG! I always feel like I get to know people's pets here, after they share their memories, stories and photo images of their beloved's. It is one of the best parts of this forum in my opinion. Again, thank you for sharing.

My kindest regards,
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