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Oh your new baby is so adorable.....  you will always love and miss Scataroo, but now you have bought home a new little life to care for and love and I know she/he will bring you a lot of joy.  Blessings to you all. 

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I'm so sorry to hear about Scat, my beardie is very ill and I'm heavily grieving for him and now that I've read Scat's story I shall now grieve for her too. :'(
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So sorry for your loss but how exciting to get a new baby to care for.  You have shown me something about reptiles, I never would have realized how cute they can be if you had not posted your pictures.
And I can see the personality they have, you are a good advocate for the beardies.
Marlene Wagner
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So I've only had my bearded dragon for about 5 weeks now, but I love her she's so cool and fun to play with, everyday I would feed her and take her out and let her crawl around my room. Well today she decided to go into the bathroom and get inside a gap between the wall and the bathroom counter. I tried to take the counter apart to get her out of there, so I took it apart and pulled her out of there but I had crushed her durning the process. I was so shocked I can't believe what my stupidity has done to her
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This unpretentious lizard is suitable for absolutely everything from a beginner to professionals in terrarium. It requires a minimum, namely, that there would be a UV lamp and a heating lamp and it will be comfortable. She is very curious and reaches for her own hands; if she is well treated she will be a true friend. Of the shortcomings, perhaps - he eats a lot and can become obese and lazy, so you should not overfeed them.

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